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A Nissan Patrol is a fan favorite in the UAE especially among those who love its beauty and the beastly capabilities. It has a tried and tested drive train coupled with an independent suspension and tons of other drive oriented features. Let’s just it fits everywhere be it on a smooth tarmac or off the road.

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A 5.6L V8 delivers that power to the patrol while there area number of technologies that make the engine super-efficient with low emissions. It also has advanced intelligence that delivers that firm grip whatever the terrain. We are talking about some innovations like intelligent 4X4, Hill Start Assist,and Hill Descent Control all which ensures a smooth ride even if you are driving through sand, on-road, snow, rock etc This car hasn’t traded off performance for looks as it also has a sumptuous exterior and interior. On the outside, it has that classic Hilux Pickup like body with a modern design that features classy headlamps, a nice blackened A pillar, alloy wheels, a new angle strut grille not forgetting chrome finishes on the air intake vents and window frames. It also boasts a quite spacious cabin with fine upholstery, advanced technology and features that will keep you comfortable on the road.

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