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Sports cars for rent in Dubai

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Sports cars hold a special place in every motor enthusiast’s heart. With great looks, speed, and abundant appeal, it is easy to see why. Here at Renty, we have one of the largest collections of sports cars for rent in Dubai. Our platform provides a comprehensive roundup of sports cars for hire across our trusted partners. We guarantee the best possible price for sports car rental in the UAE.

With their lightweight body frame, superb handling and fast acceleration, sports cars are highly sought-after by people who want impeccable style and prestige. Most sports cars are available in a 2 or 4-seat configuration, either as a coupe or open-top convertible. Popular sports car manufacturers like Mazda, Ferrari, and Porsche are recognized throughout the globe and make a superb first impression. Unlike the classic sports cars of old, modern vehicles come with the latest technology, making them safer, easier to drive, and packed full of entertainment features.

Hiring a sports car in UAE

In Dubai, sports cars awash major highways. The city is fortunate to have a high-end, luxury lifestyle, thanks to a booming economy and business investment. Many residents and professionals use sports cars, either for business or as a means to drive around the city in style. In Dubai, first impressions count for everything. Whether visiting the city’s major attractions or meeting important clients, a sports car is a must-have accessory. Even tourists wanting a slice of Dubai’s luxurious lifestyle seek out sports car rental to gain a glimpse into the “big money” world of the UAE.

How to rent a sports car in Dubai

At Renty, we have a long track record of sports car rental in Dubai. Our advanced platform, which is accessible on most popular devices, allows users to quickly seek out, compare, then choose a car to rent. The cars we list are available from our trusted providers who have high safety and performance standards. As a result, we can offer some of the best rental prices in the area of sports cars. Our collection of vehicles is constantly growing and we continually add to our portfolio to ensure we can satisfy our diverse range of business, residential, and tourist clients.

FAQ about Sports cars rental in Dubai

Is it worth renting a sports car in Dubai?

The overwhelming majority of our clients are incredibly happy that they rented a car for use in Dubai. Although the city has fantastic public transport links, the best way to see all that Dubai has to offer is by road. The highways are wide and constantly keep moving, making it easy to transit anywhere in the city in less than 30 minutes. Many attractions are spread out and a sports car makes zipping around town simple. Add to this the plethora of car parking opportunities, it is easy to see why residents, business professionals, and tourists recommend renting a sports car in Dubai.

Which type of sports cars is available for rent in Dubai at Renty?

At Renty, we are pleased to offer our clients an unrivaled range of sports cars. We list many models from the likes of Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, and many other major car brands. Our range includes both 2-seat and 4-seat models, giving clients great flexibility. Coupes are available for that sporty yet professional appearance, while open-top convertibles hit the mark when cruising around Dubai’s humid streets. We even specialize in high-end sports supercars from Ferrari, Bugatti, and Lamborghini.

What is the mileage limit? What happens if I exceed it?

The majority of cars listed at Renty come with a standard mileage limit. But this varies depending on the provider that the car is held at. Since we aggregate cars from a range of trusted providers, each dealer may have slightly differing policies. Having said that, mileage is negotiable and can be increased or decreased according to the policy. Some providers may provide unlimited mileage. But the mileage limit tends to be set according to the length of the rental agreement. Exceeding the mileage usually incurs additional charges, payable once the rental agreement has been completed.

What documents are required to rent a car in Dubai?

The documentation that is required depends on residency status. UAE nationals and permanent residents will only have to show a valid UAE driving license. Tourists and business professionals coming from abroad are required to present a valid passport, home country driving license, and a valid visa entry stamp. The age requirement for car rental in the UAE is 21 years and is strictly upheld.

Can I rent a car in Dubai with a US license?

It is certainly possible to rent a car with a valid US driver's license. In fact, many tourists and business people from America visit Dubai and enjoy renting our range of vehicles. Additional documentation will be required, however. This includes a valid passport and proof of visa entry. Any extra paperwork will be completed by the rental provider. All that is required is a signature on the rental agreement and a deposit.

Can you provide help and advice on driving around the city?

A Renty representative or one of our trusted partners will be more than happy to provide help and advice. Dubai can be confusing for first-time visitors, but the roads are well-marked and easy to navigate. This is especially the case for clients who use satellite navigation (available as standard in many of our listed vehicles). We can also recommend places for fuel, parking, and give advice on the best routes to travel.

Is insurance required to rent a sports car?

Car insurance is a legal requirement in the UAE. All our hire cars come with standard insurance. This covers against third party damage. Standard insurance is the minimum requirement for car rentals in Dubai. However, clients can take advantage of a Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) that provides fully comprehensive insurance. We recommend clients take out CDW because it offers the best possible protection. Any accidents on the road must be reported to the police so a report can be filed.

What are the fuel policies?

Rental cars come with a limited amount of fuel, and this varies according to the provider. Clients are responsible for ensuring enough fuel is within the car to avoid damage and breakdown. They are also responsible for the cost of fill-ups during the rental agreement. Upon collection, a representative will be more than happy to recommend nearby filling stations to use.

What services are not included in the rental price?

There are a number of services not included within the rental agreement price. Besides fuel, clients are responsible for car parking fees and any associated parking fines that may be accrued. Clients are also responsible for toll gate charges. The Salik system requires registration and a top-up to ensure payment. A representative will be able to give further advice on how to complete the process.

What places do you recommend visiting Dubai in a sports car?

Dubai is a wonderful world of exciting destinations. No matter what the occasion: shopping in the mega malls, heading to the beach, or sampling the nightlight, Dubai is sure to impress. We recommend visiting downtown Dubai to see the Burj Khalifa and nearby attractions. Be sure to check out The Dubai Mall for unlimited shopping opportunities. Other notable attractions include The Dubai Foundation, Ski Dubai, Dubai Marina, and Dubai Spice Souk, just to mention a few. Your car rental representative will have detailed local knowledge and can give specialist advice - whatever the type of trip.

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