About us

  • IT Startup
    Renty is an online platform that helps companies and clients by simplifying the car rental process in the UAE
  • Who are we?
    Our team is key to our success. We take pride in our work and go above and beyond to deliver the best possible customer experience. We personally use our car rental services, so we can be sure of customer satisfaction.
  • Ultra Web team
    We combine many years of experience with the most efficient and effective working practices. We understand the car rental market and also the specific requirements of the modern user. It is our desire to create truly unique, useful platforms for our clients.

We do we identify Renty as a platform?

For clients

Simplified car search process, find a car in 1 minute.

With 99% accuracy you will get the exact car you have requested for.

You can always compare

More than 80% of all rental cars in the market are available at Renty, including sports cars, luxury cars, business cars, vans, as well as chauffeur services.

Partnering up with more than 30 reputable car rental companies in the UAE

Each vehicle goes through the verification process before the actual publishing

Car rental companies with Google Review below 3.5* are not listed on Renty.ae. Any existing partner, car rental company, whos score drops below 3.5* will be eliminated from our platform.

Our team makes sure you have an enjoyable car rental experience from the time you book a car until security deposit reaches back to your bank account. Ream more about it in Terms & Conditions.

It is compulsory for all listed rent a car companies to follow Terms & Conditions. For suggestions & complaints

Our Platform displayes up to date Google Review score of each car rental company we work with. This makes car selection & comparasion process less complicated.

You will get the best deal in the market

You rent a car directly from the owner (car rental company) avoiding agent fees, additional service charges and all kind of financial frauds in car rental industry.

For your convinience we have added 8 most common languagues to simplify car rental process.

Enjoy 24/7 booking request system

Did you find a better deal somewhere else? Great! Get in touch with our service agent and take advantage of your godsend by getting an extra discount.

Partnership with car rental companies

Booking status will change from pending to confirmed only after the prepayment

You will be dealing with real clients without middle men, agents, LPO

All clients who book a car via Renty.ae will 99% rent out a chosen car simply because they have already paid for that.

Any car can be booked 1-3 months in advance.

All bookings are integrated with calendar and internal CRM system, which makes the whole navigation process a piece of cake.

Your sales team should not be online 24/7 Our system will do the levish part of initial communication with potential client by itself.

How to rent a car?

Follow these 6 simple steps

Register on Renty
Select the most suitable car for your dates
  • Caution: before booking any vehicle, kindly read Terms & Conditions first. T&C might vary as different rent a car companies have different T&C
  • Confirm booking details
  • Precess the payment
  • Verify your booking
  • Wait for the confirmation from car rental company
As soon as car rental company representative confirms your booking, you will be charged previously mentioned amount required to secure the booking.
Recieve an email confirmation of your booking.
Enjoy the ride
Leave your valuable feedback about your rental experience

Interesting facts

What is our interest?

Our income is a certain commission which we recieve from listed car rental companies based on monthly/yearly generated revenue.

Important! You, as a client, will not pay any fee for renting a car on Renty

Are we planning to expand our business to other countries?

Yes, we are currently working on our business expansion to other markets

Current projects

Development of car rental CRM system

Payment gateaway for online transactions crafted specifically for rent a car company needs

Referral program for business & tourism agencies

Are you a car rental company representative?

Let`s start our mutually beneficial cooperation today

I want my company to be listed on Renty