Car rental in Deira

Car rental in Deira

Diera is a commercial center in Dubai that attracts lots of business opportunities and that tourist who want to enjoy the best that city has to offer. If you are one of them, why not rent a car in Deira and take your experience a notch higher. Talking of renting a car, Renty has the best cars for rent in Deira you can pick from and take it out on a ride. We literally speak everything cars and if you are new in Dubai, let’s take you through a few things you will need to know about car rentals in Deira.

What types of cars are available and highly recommended in Deira?

Deira is located in the ever plush Dubai and if you want a car that fits in with the environs then go for a luxury car. Luxury cars are good for business deals and events worth a show-off or even if you just want a top-end experience as you tour around. We have a selection of luxury cars for rent in Deira from the best car manufacturers around the globe. This include model like Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Rolls Royce, Bentleys, BMWs, luxury Benz models, etc.

Want more versatility in a car? Well, you can go for an SUV. SUVs are great with space, off-road drive capabilities, luxury among other features. It is great for family tours and doing business in Deira. Some of our favorite SUVs for rent in Deira are Range Rovers, Porsche Cayenne S, BMW X6, Bentley Bentayga, Cadillac Escalade, Toyota Fortuner, Maserati Levante, Toyota Land Cruiser, Nisan Patrol, Nisan Pathfinder, etc.

You can also rent a budget car in Deira. We have economy cars for rent in Deira which are not only cheap but good for touring the city. Some of the economy cars in our fleet are models like Chevrolet Aveo, Ford explorer, KIA Rio, Hyundai Accent, and Mitsubishi Lancer, etc

What age do you have to be to drive a car in Deira?

You are required to be at least 21 years and above to rent a car in Deira. For some luxury cars, our partners may ask that clients are over 24 years to rent the car. Be sure to check the terms and conditions of the car to find out if it has any age restrictions tied to it.

Is insurance required to rent a car in Deira?

It isn’t a must to have insurance to rent a car and drive it in Deira but we definitely recommend that you take one. In that case, we offer this as an additional service meaning you can buy your own insurance from our site.

What are the fuel policies?

The fuel policies for rented cars in Deira vary depending on the car and the partner policies. At Renty, we often rent our cars with a full fuel tank and we expect the same level of fuel when you return it back. Since the fuel policies vary, ensure that you read the terms and conditions of the car before renting it.

What are the car wash policies?

The car wash policies also depend on the car and the policy of the company offering it for hire. We will generally rent you a clean car and expect the same standards of cleanliness when you return it back. If you can’t wash the car then you will be required to pay a small fee to cater for cleaning.

Where do I get the car and how should I return it?

The pickup and return policies also depend on the car you want to hire. For luxury cars, we will deliver and pick up the car at no additional cost. If you rent any other type of car, you will have to pick it up and return it back to us or let us do that at a small service fee.

What you should check to rent a car safely?

Our cars are vetted for safety before renting out thus you are pretty much in safe hands. But, it is also important to check it yourself to ensure you have a car in good condition and that you don’t incur costs for damages you didn’t cause. Here are a few quick things to check when renting a car in Deira:

  • Check that the car has no damages in and out, including safety features like brakes, airbag, lighting, dents, and scratches
  • Check that you have a spare tire and the tools you can use to replace an inflated tire on the road
  • Know the controls and the technologies you will be using in the car

Places of interest in Deira

Deira has been the commercial center of Dubai and even though a number of cool places are springing around, it is still beaming with activity. It has lots of towering buildings which are, of course, a sign of a business and fun things to do. You can go shopping, take an aerial sightseeing tour, enjoy good food, go out gaming, explore Deira Dubai nightlife, etc. Some of the places of interest are Deira Shopping Mall, Deira is Gold Souk, Spice Souk, Women’s Museum Bait al Banat, Heritage House, Xxtreme Simulation, YHI Spa, Dubai Dolphinarium, etc.

Rent a Car in Deira, Today

At Renty, we want you to enjoy doing business, having fun or both in this city. We have every type of car in the market. So, just talk to us today to rent that car you love or you have been craving for!

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