Car rental in DIFC

Headed to the world top financial hub? Don’t worry about moving around. Renty car rental DIFC is here for you. Whether you are visiting Dubai international financial center for business or pleasure we have got a car for you. DIFC serves the MEASA market making it a great investment venture. Business investors enjoy 100% ownership, no rate on taxes, legal framework, etc. If you planning a business or fun trip in and around DIFC, Renty can make your movements easy and comfortable by renting you a car of your choice. Below is all you need to know about car rentals in DIFC.

What types of cars are available and highly recommended in DIFC?

With a variety of options to choose from, Renty guarantees quality and affordable cars. We rent out Luxury, SUVs, Economy cars, etc. If you are in DIFC for business, it would only be befitting to rent a luxury car. You can pick from our luxury collection featuring the best of Chevrolets, Mercedes, Lamborghinis, Audis, BMWs, Bentleys, Cadillacs, etc. Thinking of getting an SUV for rent in DIFC?

Our top-notch SUV collection guarantees you that extra space and versatility. This includes models like Range Rovers, Porsche Cayenne S, BMW X5, Bentley Bentayga, Cadillac Escalade, Toyota Fortuner, and Mercedes G63 models Maserati Levante, Toyota Land Cruiser, Nisan Patrol, Nisan Pathfinder, Ford Explorer, Audi Q7, GMC Yukon, and Chevrolet Tahoe. We also have a good range of economy cars for rent in DIFC that can allow you to enjoy rental services without spending too much. Some of the economy cars on our fleet are models like Chevrolet Aveo, Ford explorer, KIA Rio, Hyundai Accent, and Mitsubishi Lancer, etc.

What age do you have to be to drive a car in DIFC?

You are only allowed to rent a car in DIFC if you are 21 years and above. Some of our partners might ask that one is at least 24 years to rent some luxury models.

Is insurance required to rent a car in DIFC?

Insurance is not required but it is recommended that you take a cover. Renty offers additional insurance services at a good fee. Please contact us to find out what is covered in the additional insurance.

What are the fuel policies?

Fuel policies in DIFC vary from car to car. They actually depend on our partners offering the car and the number of days you wish to rent the car. Generally speaking though, most cars have a full to full tank policy. This simply means that we give you the car with a full tank and expect it with the same amount of fuel. Make sure to read the terms and conditions to get the right fuel policies for the car you want to rent.

What are the car wash policies?

We value our customers and always work to ensure they receive good service. Part of the good service is delivering a glistening clean car. Yes, we will rent you a clean car and will expect a reasonably clean car when you return it back. If the car is dirty, it may attract a fee to cater for cleaning

Where do I get the car and how should I return it?

Pick-up and delivery depend on the car you wish to rent and the company policy of partners offering the car. If you hire a luxury car, you will get free pick-up and free delivery. For standard, SUVs and other types of cars, you will have to pick and return the car to our parking lot. However, we can also deliver and pick up these cars at a fee. Contact us to find out more details on this.

What you should check to rent a car safely?

Although all our cars go through a safety check, we always advise our clients to affirm it as well. Do not leave without conducting a basic safety check. For instance, ensure that car controls, headlights, lights, and brake pads are working. Also, make sure you have an inflated spare tire and the tools to replace a flat tire. It is also good to take time and familiarize yourself with the car before take-off. Security checks are very important especially if you are renting the car for long trips.

Places of interest in DIFC

DIFC is not only a great destination for business but also a great place to chill out and relax. Some of the cool places to check out include Burj Danam Building, The Gate, Sky Gardens, Park Towers, The Index, DIFC tower. If you love food, try out Al Grissino, Amorino Gelato café, Al Mandaluon Restaurant, Boca, Cafe Nero, Café Bateel, etc.

Rent a Car in DIFC, Today

Want a car that means business or maybe you want one for an adventurous ride? Just talk to us to rent any type of car from the best car rental in DIFC.

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