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Range Rover rental in Dubai

Renty is the UAE’s premier destination for Range Rover rental in Dubai. Our advanced car rental platform lets users quickly search for high-end cars across the Dubai region. We partner with well-established, trusted rental companies with a strong customer service record. This allows us to bring our users the best price for Range Rover rental in the city. Coupled with our outstanding service, it is easy to see why Renty is the number one choice to claim a Range Rover for rent.

Why you should rent a Range Rover in Dubai

Range Rover by Land Rover is a British off-road, four-wheel-drive SUV. It is designed for use on challenging terrains, such as on farmland, where excellent traction is a necessity. In fact, many farmers and landowners use Range Rover as it provides a reliable, comfortable, and efficient way to travel. In modern times, the Range Rover brand has become increasingly upmarket. What was originally a basic 4x4 vehicle is now a luxurious status symbol packed with modern technology. Especially the Range Rover Evoque that is a popular fixture in many of the great cities of the world.

For traveling around Dubai, many visitors want a practical yet stylish vehicle that makes a great first impression. Range Rover, with its high-end price tag and premium look and feel, is perfect for this task. The car has a spacious interior for families but also works for business users who need to transport equipment. And it boasts the latest technology to improve safety and performance. Add to this phenomenal power and acceleration. These are just some of the reasons why choosing a Range Rover is the perfect choice when visiting Dubai.

Range Rover car hiring in Dubai at Renty

Renty’s long track record of delivering great value and superior service makes renting luxury cars simple. We can offer our users over 40 models of Range Rovers. Since we have partnerships with many trusted companies in Dubai, we can deliver the best possible prices on Range Rover rental. Users of our platform can compare, view photographs and specs, then reserve a car at the click of a button. We also offer many perks, such as basic insurance and a generous mileage allowance as standard.

FAQ about Range Rover car rental in Dubai

So is it worth renting a Range Rover in Dubai?

Renting a Range Rover is a good option for anyone traveling to Dubai. The reason is simple: the brand provides a safe, practical, and stylish way to see all this exciting city has to offer. Range Rovers work well for leisure use as well as for business. Professionals can use the car to impress potential clients, or to visit a business convention. Leisure users and tourists can use the car to visit the beach, travel around the UAE, or to transport large amounts of shopping. It is this effortless style and practicality that makes Range Rover one of Renty’s most sought-after vehicles.

Which Range Rover cars are available for rent in Dubai at Renty?

At Renty, we have a wide range of Range Rover cars available to hire. Over 40 cars to be exact. This includes the Range Rover Sport, the ultra-stylish Vogue, Velar, and even the soft-top Range Rover Evoque Convertible. Our partner rental firms provide a variety of engine sizes and color schemes, ensuring a Range Rover car for all budgets and occasions.

How much does it cost to rent a Range Rover in Dubai?

Renting a Range Rover in Dubai is competitive via Renty. We strive to offer the best value rental cars in the UAE. Most Range Rovers cost AED 1000 and above to rent for the day. But it depends on the engine size, any added refinements, the model, and year of manufacture. More powerful, higher-end Range Rovers can cost upwards of AED 1800 to rent. Browsing through the comprehensive listings on the Renty website enables the user to find the most appropriate deal.

Can I use a Range Rover to travel off-road?

We do not allow off-road use of Range Rovers. Although the car is highly capable and designed for off-road use, this can cause unnecessary cosmetic damage. It may also place extra pressure on the vehicle, leading to more expensive maintenance costs. Therefore, we do not allow the use of any Range Rover in an off-road environment. We are more than happy to arrange a rental for around town/city use.

What is the mileage limit? What happens if I exceed it?

The vast majority of Range Rover cars available on Renty come with a standard mileage limit. This is usually 250 km per day. Some providers can offer more miles on request - even unlimited mileage in a few cases. For clients wanting a bespoke mileage package, this can often be arranged at extra cost. Contacting the rental provider is the best course of action in this situation. Drivers who exceed the mileage limit during the rental agreement will need to settle this after handing back the vehicle.

What documents are required to rent a car in Dubai?

For UAE residents, the documents needed to rent a car are minimal. All that is required is a UAE driving license and an Emirates ID card. In some cases, a Residential Visa is also accepted. For tourists and business professionals traveling from abroad, a passport, a visa entry stamp, and a home country license are necessary. An International Driving Permit (IDP) is also accepted by most providers.

Can I rent a car in Dubai with a US license?

Yes. Many visitors from America rent a car as a way to get around the city with ease. Both tourists and business people choose car rental as their preferred method of transport. For US visitors with no residential status in the UAE, a passport with a visa entry stamp is required. As is a valid US driver’s license. People looking to rent a car should be aware that the minimum age is 21 years in the UAE. But some providers set their minimum age at 23 or 25 years. This varies from provider to provider.

Is insurance required to rent a Range Rover?

Insurance is a legal requirement for all road users in the UAE. Rented cars are no exception to this. All cars available via the Renty platform come with basic insurance as standard. This provides protection against third party damage. It is worth investing money to upgrade to a Collision Damage Waiver (CDW). This provides comprehensive insurance and gives protection from accidental damage caused by the driver.

What happens if I have an accident when driving?

Clients who have an accident when driving should call our toll free accident helpline on 800 4710. This service is available 24/7 and provides breakdown information and assistance. After an accident, it is important to keep the car in the same place if possible. That is unless the damage is small and the car is blocking traffic. The police need to be notified so they can file a report. A police report is necessary in order for us to claim insurance.

What are the fuel policies?

Cars rented via the Renty platform come with a small amount of fuel as standard. But this can vary from provider to provider. In some cases, more fuel can be added at the start of the rental agreement. However, it is the responsibility of the driver to ensure the car is topped up with enough fuel. Any breakdowns or damage due to a lack of fuel will incur additional costs. With many filling stations in Dubai, few clients have any problems with a lack of fuel.

What services are not included in the rental price?

Some services are not included as part of the rental price. Car parking charges are not included. Any fines due to overstaying a parking time or parking in a restricted area are the responsibility of the client. Crossing a Salik toll gate is also not included as part of the rental agreement. However, this can be prepaid using part of the security deposit. Speaking to the rental provider directly will ensure full clarity about the services offered.

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