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The Nissan Pathfinder or what you may call Terrano is a mid-luxury SUV that has been going places since 1986. It is a car that loves every bit of destination or should we say, where there are roads and even where there aren’t! It has an all-terrain capability where you always get the chance to pick a drive mode that fits with where you are. Additionally, it has some cool innovations and driver assist technologies to help you drive comfortably and safely regardless of where you are-be it on the highway, a parking spot, on a bend etc.

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The Nissan Pathfinder comes in a plethora of trim levels (S, SL, SV,and Platinum) but there is a common denominator. They are all cut out for adventurous drives coupled with luxury. Talking of luxury, they all have a superb exterior and an interior beaming with art, technology and space. On the outside, you will be greeted by a rugged look characterized by the signature flowing lines that work hand in hand with spoilers and deflectors to improve aerodynamic efficiency. The interior is even more fascinating. You will get lots of premium space thanks to seating innovations like the ability to recline the third row for additional space. It has Leather-appointed seats plus other cool finishes in the form of wood-tone trim, chrome accents among other pieces of craft. A 3.5-liter Direct Injection Gasoline (DIG) V6 engine, is also a common feature among the Nissan Pathfinder trim levels. This is an engine that has enough power to take you where you want whilst saving you on fuel. You can take on any challenge and the pathfinder will find a path for you! Nissan Pathfinder Rental in Dubai Nissan Pathfinder is loved by the adventurous in Dubai. Those who don’t just drive on smooth tarmac. Those that want to self drive to destinations with tough roads. Whether it is for tours, an event or important business functions. The Nissan Pathfinder has a marvelous drive capability tailored for any road. Besides, it has the looks to let you arrive in a style not to mention the passenger and cargo space. Talking of killing many birds with one stone! If you want to rent this adventurous baby, we have got you covered. Renty offers budget luxury car rentals in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and other parts of the UAE. This includes a Nissan Pathfinder for rent to quench the thirst of adventurists. You can rent the car for an unlimited mileage! Talk to us to book or inquire about Nissan Pathfinder rental in the Dubai, today.

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