Chauffeur Service In Dubai

The city of Dubai is the most-visited destination in the United Arab Emirates. With its luxurious lifestyle and a worldwide reputation as a city for business and leisure, the city attracts over 15 million visitors per year. The ever-sunny climate, countless recreational activities, great beaches, amazing 5-star hotels, and glittering skyscrapers are just some of the reasons why so many people visit. 

Although there are many ways to travel around Dubai, chauffeur services are the most comfortable, convenient, and luxurious way to travel. Business travelers in particular can benefit from a personal chauffeur, which can take them to their destination stress-free from the airport, hotel, or any other location. But limousine services are also ideal for personal use, especially parties. In fact, whatever the occasion, there are many benefits from having a private car and driver.

Overview of Renty’s chauffeur services

At Renty, we can provide a first-class chauffeur service to both business and leisure travelers. Clients can take advantage of a car with their own private driver. Our experience in the car rental marketplace means that we are able to offer reliable and affordable limo services in Dubai and across many other areas of the UAE. Having a personal driver with experience of the city’s complex road layout means clients get to their destination on time, fully rested and relaxed for their appointment, social event, or flight. Public transport is available across the whole of Dubai, but it is often very busy. It is also not always suitable for business travelers who need peace and quiet to conduct their work while on the move. Renty’s professional chauffeur service is the intelligent choice, whether for business or pleasure.

Advantages of choosing Renty

There are many advantages of choosing Renty as a chauffeur service. As a leading car rental platform in the UAE, we have access to countless vehicles for different budgets. These include luxury cars, sports cars, economy vehicles, SUVs, and even vans. We feature cars from all of the globe's top brands, including Mercedes, Bentley, Ferrari, BMW, Aston Martin, and many more. All our vehicles undergo regular maintenance and checks to ensure they are safe and in great working order.

Since we have long-standing partnerships with many of the UAE’s leading car rental companies, we can ensure the best possible pricing for business and leisure clients. Many other rental firms command a higher price. This is why our cheap luxury limousine service is used by many clients again and again. We also work with a team of trusted drivers with great experience of the Dubai area. Our friendly, responsive customer service makes the entire process as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

Benefits of a chauffeur service in Dubai

Having a professional car with a capable and trustworthy driver makes all areas of Dubai extremely accessible. With our affordable pricing, among the best value anywhere in the UAE, a chauffeur service has many benefits over other modes of transport. Our drivers have detailed knowledge of Dubai and know the best routes to take. This means our clients avoid heavy traffic wherever possible, and get to their destination in plenty of time for their business or leisure activity. 

Luxury chauffeur services also allow clients to travel in style and escape the hustle and bustle of public transport. The door-to-door service means there is no need to travel to a nearby bus, tram, or railway stop. The client does not have to consider parking or run the risk of parking fines either. Rather, the driver will arrive at a prearranged time and place, offer a friendly welcome, and then drive the client to wherever they need to go. The driver is easily contactable via telephone, should the client want to confirm arrival or ask any further questions.

Limousine service

In Dubai, image is everything and a limousine service really is the best way to travel around Dubai. Although the city has great transport links, nothing is as convenient as having a personal driver and car. Dubai’s reputation for great wealth and luxury living means making a great first impression is vital. This is especially the case when on business where a personal chauffeur will showcase professionalism and success. Many business professionals use our limo service when attending appointments, traveling to and from the airport, or visiting an industry conference.

Dubai is renowned globally for being a great visitor destination. There are countless things to see and do, from shopping in mega malls, visiting the impressive beaches, seeing the cultural sights, and heading Downtown to see the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa. For people on business, there are dozens of large conferences every year, networking opportunities, and more. Our limo service enables anyone to rent a car with a chauffeur (car with a driver) quickly and conveniently. The Renty platform allows clients to select a vehicle of their choice from our wide fleet of cars. Flexible service options are available, including rental of a car with a driver for a full day, monthly retainer, or a one-off pick up and drop off. 

Contact us for chauffeur services

To book a chauffeur service in Dubai or to find out more information, please get in touch with us today at Renty. Contact us by e-mail or telephone and a representative will be in touch to discuss a great value package, either for one day or longer.

Why should I hire a car with a driver in Dubai?

Hiring a car with a driver in Dubai is very worthwhile. For convenience and stress-free travel, nothing can compare. While many modes of public transport are available, hiring a car with a driver gives more privacy and luxury, and it also enables the user to arrive in style and give a great first impression. The service includes on-time collection at a predetermined location, and (if necessary) drop-off at the end destination. Renty’s chauffeur service is a great option for people traveling to and from the airport. But it is equally useful for business travelers who need ferrying to and from appointments. Some clients use the service to travel from their hotel when sightseeing. Others use limo hire to attend parties and other social gatherings. Being both affordable and practical, Renty’s chauffeur service is ideal for both business and recreation users.

What is the price of chauffeur services in Dubai?

The price for our chauffeur services in Dubai varies according to the type of car, the length of the chauffeur hire, and the distance required for travel. We are able to provide flexible packages to suit differing requirements. But no matter what type of car or length of hire, clients can be sure of our commitment to great service. It goes without saying that luxury supercar hire with a driver will cost more than an economy vehicle. That said, we strive to provide the best possible pricing in the Dubai area. We own all the cars in our fleet, meaning great value is guaranteed. Renting a luxury business car with a driver, such as a Mercedes, will cost AED XXX per day. Rental of supercar chauffeur services costs AED XXX per day. Economy packages are available.

What is included in the price?

Renty’s chauffeur pricing includes an experienced driver, fuel, and VAT. Unlike standard car rental, our car hire service with a driver is a more complete package. Toll crossings, known as Salik in Dubai, are also included in the price. Depending on the route taken, it is possible to avoid toll crossings. Having said that, many popular routes will involve at least one Salik gate. More details about toll crossings are available from a Renty representative. The driver will also be able to answer some questions related to the service.

Where can I go in a car with a driver?

The beauty of our chauffeur service means that clients are free to go anywhere they like in Dubai. A reliable driver will arrive on-time for pick up, then deliver the client to their destination in a relaxed, friendly manner. Many clients use a chauffeur service to travel from the airport to their hotel. But there are many other uses for our limo services, such as sightseeing, visiting clients for business, attending conferences, or for social events and parties. Having a knowledgeable and time-served driver means more time to relax and enjoy all the sights and sounds that Dubai has to offer.

Can I hire a car with a driver only for business or for parties/personal usage too?

Yes. Renty’s chauffeur services are suitable for both business and personal usage. Many of our clients want to rent a limousine or multi-person carrier with a driver for parties. But other vehicles are available for tours, sightseeing, and even shopping. No matter what the occasion, we will arrange a car with a driver to pick up and collect at a time and place of the client’s choosing. Whether for a single trip or a multi-trip, we aim for 100% satisfaction and ensure the best value prices in the Dubai area.

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