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As a specialist in luxury and high-end sports cars, Renty’s advanced rental platform gives searchers access to the most affordable Ferraris to rent in Dubai. People looking for a Ferrari to rent in the UAE can browse through our extensive listings to find a great value Ferrari supercar. We partner with some of the leading rental providers across the city to guarantee an amazing price and first-class service. Our renowned customer service is just one reason why clients return to us again and again.

Why you should rent Ferrari in Dubai

Ferrari is known the world over as a leading sports car brand. Instantly recognizable by its black horse emblem and trademark red exterior, Ferrari combines the epitome of Italian styling with precise engineering and blistering speed. The motor manufacturer is the most successful Formula One team in history and is synonymous with racing and pushing the boundaries of acceleration.

In Dubai, the roads are awash with luxury supercars. One can travel the highways for only a few minutes to see countless expensive motors. Being one of the better-known brands, Ferrari always commands attention in the UAE. Many successful Dubai-based residents choose Ferrari as their go-to car of choice. Business professionals or tourists wanting to sample a slice of Dubai’s luxurious lifestyle choose Ferrari because of its prestige and immense speed. In Dubai, few brands make an impact quite like Ferrari.

Ferrari car hiring in Dubai at Renty

At Renty, we specialize in top-end supercar brands (such as Ferrari, Porsche, etc.). Our experience in this area is vast and among the best in the UAE. The Renty platform allows users to quickly locate Ferrari cars from across trusted partners in Dubai. Potential clients can compare cars, see the rental price, then make a reservation in seconds. With our friendly customer service team in place, clients gain great satisfaction and some of the most competitive pricing within the industry.

FAQ about Ferrari rental in Dubai

Is it worth renting a Ferrari in Dubai?

For clients who want that “wow!” factor in Dubai, a Ferrari is an obvious choice. Not only will a Ferrari provide a fantastic first impression for business, but it also gives visitors to the city a chance to mix it up with Dubai’s rich and famous. Driving in Dubai is extremely easy and in our opinion, the best way to travel around the city. Most areas of Dubai can be reached by road within 30 minutes or less. This makes renting a Ferrari very worthwhile, either for leisure or business purposes.

Which type of Ferrari cars is available for rent in Dubai at Renty?

On the Renty platform, we have over 20 Ferrari cars available to rent. While the majority are available in the iconic red paintwork, we also have some cars with black, silver, yellow, white, and blue color schemes. For clients who want the latest in technology and performance, the Ferrari Portofino Rosso comes highly recommended. Others may enjoy the sleek looks of the 488 Spider, while many also enjoy the bold image that the Yellow Ferrari 488 provides.

Is a Ferrari expensive to rent in Dubai?

Although a Ferrari is inevitably more expensive to rent than budget cars, the cost can be more affordable than most people think. Modern Ferrari models at Renty can be hired from around AED 3000 per day. This includes a standard mileage limit of around 250 km/day. Many tourists and business people rent a Ferrari to demonstrate their business prowess and give the impression of wealth. If this is important, a Ferrari could be worthwhile and crucial in securing that important business deal.

What is the mileage limit? What happens if I exceed it?

All the cars available via the Renty platform come with a standard mileage limit (usually on a per-day basis). A free amount of miles, often 250 km, is included in most cases. But some of our rental provider partners may offer differing packages. Flexible packages are sometimes available. As is unlimited mileage. However, most clients are happy to arrange a mileage cap to keep costs lower. This also reduces the chance of any surprise charges one the rental agreement has been completed. Any additional miles a client performs outside of the agreement will be charged at a set rate.

What documents are required to rent a Ferrari in Dubai?

Renting a Ferrari in Dubai is relatively easy, as long as the renter meets the minimum age requirement of 21 years. For UAE nationals, proof of residency is required, along with a valid UAE driver’s license. Tourists and business professionals can also rent a Ferrari, but they must provide additional documentation. Typically a rental company will need a passport, visa entry stamp, and home country driver’s license.

Can I rent a car in Dubai with a US license?

It is certainly possible to rent a car in Dubai with a US license. Both tourists and professionals on business can rent a car with minimal effort. However, since the minimum age for car rentals in the UAE is 21, US nationals must meet this age criterion. A valid passport, visa stamp, and home country license must also be presented.

Is insurance required to rent a Ferrari in Dubai?

Yes. Insurance is a legal requirement for all car rentals within the UAE. All the vehicles available on the Renty platform come with standard insurance. This protects against damage caused by the negligence of third parties only. It does not cover damage that is the fault of the rental car driver. More comprehensive insurance is available called Collision Damage Waiver (CDW). This gives all-around protection for faults by third parties and the rental car driver. We recommend paying extra for full protection.

What are the fuel policies?

Clients who rent a car via Renty are responsible for keeping the car topped up with fuel during the rental agreement. Although some fuel is available at the start of the rental, this is not always guaranteed to last for the full tenure of the agreement. All our rental partners are able to provide detailed directions on the nearest filling stations. We can also give advice on the most efficient roads to travel to each destination.

What services are not included in the rental price?

There are a number of services that are not included in the rental price. Clients who wish to use car parking garages will need to pay at the time of use. Any associated fees for exceeding the stay time are the responsibility of the client. Similarly, parking fines or other road traffic fines are the renter’s responsibility. Pre-pay road tolls are also not included in the rental agreement. Help with the use of the Salik road toll system can be provided. Just ask the rental provider, or contact us here at Renty.

What places do you recommend visiting Dubai in a Ferrari?

With countless things to see and do in Dubai, visiting them all is not always possible in a single visit. Having said that, many clients ask us to give advice on interesting places to visit while in the city. For shoppers, The Dubai Mall should be the first port of call. This shopping mecca is one of the most-visited malls in the city. The Dubai Fountain in Downtown Dubai is worth a visit for its excellent water and light show. Great photo opportunities are guaranteed. The Walk and Beach at JBR are great for a mixture of chilled vibes and to soak up some sun. Likewise, Dubai Marina is equally impressive for its range of private yachts and the Dubai Marina Mall.

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