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Few things are more frustrating than breaking down when driving your car. Not only do you have to contend with the inconvenience and wasted time, you will often need to arrange towing to a nearby repair shop. At Renty, we provide professional car towing and breakdown assistance in Dubai, 24/7 at competitive and fair prices.

Car recovery services typically involve two aspects: car towing and roadside assistance. We provide both at Renty. Roadside assistance attempts to remedy common faults by the side of the road. If this is not possible, our car towing service will transport your vehicle to a nearby repair shop for further inspection.

When can a tow truck or roadside assistance be helpful?

There are many situations when car towing and recovery is helpful in Dubai. Engine failure is one example. This is where the car will lose power and cut out. Sometimes it can be difficult to fix an engine without a full diagnosis. In situations where a quick fix cannot be performed at the roadside, your car will need towing for repair.

Roadside assistance may also be helpful in some situations. A dead battery can often be remedied with a battery jump start. If your car has a lack of fuel, a gas delivery will allow you to continue your journey. Punctured tires are also simple to fix at the roadside. Other emergency situations will typically require a tow truck.

What car towing and recovery services are available?

We offer a reliable and convenient car recovery service, plus a range of roadside assistance services at Renty. Our major recovery services include:

Car towing

Car towing involves the use of a tow truck or flatbed truck to transport your vehicle from the road to a nearby garage or repair shop. It is commonly used when your car cannot be re-started quickly by the side of the road. Should you require assistance, we will dispatch a tow truck, attach your car, then drive the vehicle safely to an established local repair shop. From here, diagnosis and work can be completed. 

Off-road assistance

If your car won’t start or has an obvious and fixable fault, off-road assistance can help. Unlike roadside assistance that aims to remedy the fault at the side of the road, off-road assistance is suitable at your residence, hotel, or even at a parking lot. We will dispatch a mechanic to assist. In the event that your vehicle issue cannot be fixed, we can also arrange for the car to be towed to a nearby repair shop.

Breakdown assistance

Breakdown assistance provides help on demand should your vehicle stop working. The ability to repair or remedy a fault by the side of the road means less expense and increased convenience. It also means you spend less time off the road. This is important if you are on a business journey and need to keep to a strict time limit. But it is equally useful if you are a leisure traveler and want to make the most of your trip.

Tire change

A punctured tire is a common issue when driving. It can happen anytime and anywhere — often at the most inconvenient of times. If you are unfortunate enough to require a tire change, Renty can help. Our car recovery and roadside assistance service means you can get back on your travels quickly. We will send a mechanic to change your tire, either at the roadside or any other convenient location.

Battery jump start

In the event that your battery fails and you cannot start your engine, a jump start will usually solve the issue. A battery jump start involves the use of a secondary (running) vehicle. Both batteries will be connected together using jump leads. The power from the working battery on the running vehicle will charge up the dead battery. At least just enough so that the engine can be started up.

Emergency car opening

If you accidentally lock your keys in your car or lose keys and need to gain access to your car in an emergency, Renty is on hand to assist. We can send a skilled car locksmith to gain entry to the vehicle. The locksmith will attempt to gain entry to your car without causing damage to the lock or paintwork. All we need is the car model, registration year, and details of your location in Dubai to help you.

Fuel delivery

Our fuel delivery service is recommended if your car has stalled due to a lack of fuel. In the event this happens, there are only two options: tow the car to a gas station or take advantage of a gas delivery. Renty provides on-demand delivery of fuel to any convenient location, even at the roadside. This will help you get back on your journey. Of course, it is always best to ensure plenty of fuel prior to traveling.

How can Renty help?

Renty provides a comprehensive range of car recovery services in Dubai and across other areas of the UAE. This includes cheap car towing to a nearby repair shop, roadside assistance, and off-road services. Our company has great experience with a wide range of vehicles of all types. We work with highly skilled and professional mechanics and tow truck drivers to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Part of this service involves ensuring the customer has easy access to towing and repair services. We strive to offer the best on-demand tow truck and vehicle recovery services in Dubai. And we are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Customers just need to call our emergency helpline or make a quick Whatsapp request. We will then dispatch a tow truck or repair vehicle to assess the car at any location in Dubai.

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