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Monthly Car Rental in Dubai

Planning on spending a month in Dubai for Work or Vacation? Wouldn’t it be convenient to hire a car rather than buying, using a taxi-hailing service or public transport? Most people are always afraid of hiring a car for a month because of the purported “costs”. Thanks to Renty, you can hire any of our cars for up to a month without spending a lot. In fact, we are not just the number one choice for low price monthly car rental in Dubai, we also have other interesting long term car rental options. Let’s get to the details of this and what you ought to know about our car rental in Dubai

Reasons to rent a car in the long term

Economical: It would be economical to consider monthly options rather than having many short term deals. You will save a lot and have an easy time moving around Dubai either for business functions or for fun tours. In fact, Long term rental in Dubai is even cheaper with good discounts.

Flexibility: You can rent a car in Dubai and use it for business, family travel, and other recreational needs. You can get to kill many birds with one stone especially if you are in Dubai in the long term but not long enough to warrant you buying a car.

Pick a Car You Like: Other transport options like public transport can be a bit of a hassle unlike a monthly or long term rental where you get to pick the car you want to use in Dubai. You can travel with the utmost comfort and even make a statement you want in a business setting.

FAQ about Monthly Car Rental in Dubai

What are the differences between short term and long term rental?

Long term and short term rental are both marvelous options but the latter tends to be cheaper. In most cases, you will even get free delivery with a long term delivery thus saving cash in the long run. Of course, it depends on your needs and it is best to fit if you need a car for longer engagements in Sharjah.

What types of cars are available and recommended for long term rental in Dubai?

We have a wide range of cars to cater to the diverse needs of Dubai car rental clients. We feature Exotic, Economy, Luxury, SUVs, Business cars, Vans, etc. We have some marvelous luxury rides in the collection for those who want the best of comfort and to make a statement. These include models like Rolls Royce, Chevrolet Camaro, Ferrari Portofino Rosso, Range Rovers, etc. If you prefer utility over luxury in a car, try our SUV for monthly rental. We have models like Mercedes V250, Mercedes E class, Toyota Fortuner, Mercedes G63 models, Nisan Murano Infiniti FX series, etc. They are good for space, comfort and even good looks. Talking of space, we also have vans which are even better for group travel and towing capacity like Hyundai H1, Kia Carnival, etc. Don’t want to spend much on a monthly car rental? We got you covered with our standard and economy car models. We feature the likes of Volkswagen Beetle, Volvo V70, Chevrolet Cruze or Malibu, Audi A3, etc. They are excellent cars to rent if you want a good car to rent for a month without spending a lot.

What is the minimum age For Monthly Rental in Dubai?

For most cars, the minimum age to rent a car in Dubai is 21 years, but some partners will require that you are at least 24 years for some luxury and exotic cars. Please contact us if you need more details on the age restriction for the car you want to hire.

Is insurance required to rent a car in Dubai?

It is not mandatory to have insurance to rent a car in Dubai. That said, we recommend that you buy an additional cover. We sell this on our site as an additional service at an affordable price.

What are the fuel policies?

Generally, we operate on a full to full fuel policies. Renty gives clients cars with full tanks and expects return with a full tank on the end of a long term rental. More details about the fuel policies are written in the Terms & Conditions section of your contract.

What are the car wash policies?

Just as it is with the fuel policies, we rent out clean cars and expect them back in the same state after the monthly rental. Please note that returning a dirty car may attract an additional cleaning fee. The car wash policies are also written in the Terms & Conditions section of your contract.

What should I check when renting a car?

We rent out cars in excellent condition but it is good to confirm before accepting the car and taking it for a ride:

  • Confirm that the model and internal details are as written in the contracting document.
  • Check the car for scratches, missing and misplaced parts, malfunctioning sections, damages.
  • Ensure all necessities such as a lug wrench, inflated spare tire, and jack are in the trunk. You can always report any complaints to our service agents for quick help.

Places to visit in Dubai

Dubai is one of the top tourist and business destinations in the world. There are lots of places to enjoy in Dubai with a rented car, other than doing the business of course. Check out Dubai Mall Fountains, Burj Khalifa, Dubai Museum, Nikki Beach, Last Exit, Dubai Miracle Garden, Burj al-Arab, Dubai Mall, Dubai Museum, Bastakia, Dubai Creek & Al Seef District, Deira, Jumeirah Mosque, Dubai Frame, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai Aquarium, Jumeirah Beach, etc.

Rent a Car For a Month in Dubai, Today!

Enjoy staying and moving around Dubai with a car rented for as long as you like. Our monthly car rental in Dubai is affordable and you will get lots of cars to pick from. Just holla at us to book and rent a car, today

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