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The GMC Yukon is one of General Motors’ most popular options in the large SUV segment along with the Chevrolet Tahoe. It is a “monster” of a car that has a lot to salivate for not just in style but in the space it affords its occupants.

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At first glance, you will concur that the Yukon is one long car. Standing at about 204 inches long, it is definitely a car that commands attention on the road. The confident looks aren’t just about the size. There are other exterior features that are pleasing to the eye. Such as its classic three-dimensional front grille, stylish wheels, advanced lighting, rain sense front wipers, hidden rear wipers and much more. Of course, with the length there comes a lot of space and the Yukon has lots of it. It can accommodate up to 9 passengers comfortably while you won’t struggle for cargo space in there. What’s even cooler is the innovation around seating and storage like the third-row power fold-flat seats, second-Row Power-Release Fold-and-Tumble Seats, an articulating screen with hidden storage and a spacious center console. This coupled with advanced tech makes Yukon’s interior a blend of craftsmanship, comfort, and functionality. In performance, the Yukon is also top draw. It features an optional all-wheel-drive capable of conquering any terrain-be it smooth tarmac, snowed-over driveway, a loose gravel road, a slippery road, etc. Powering the Yukon is an advanced Ecotec3 engine which together with advanced trailering technologies will give you a smooth ride and control.

GMC Yukon Rental in Dubai

If you are in for a family adventure in Dubai then the GMC Yukon is the car you are looking for. It has the power to navigate not just through the smooth tarmac in the city but any other rough road anywhere in UAE. It also has the luxury looks to light up events and make a classy statement-if you use it for business. So, why not rent yourself a GMC Yukon in Dubai? If you are looking for a GMC Yukon for rent in Dubai, then Renty has one for you! We are a luxury car rental service in Dubai, UAE with lots of in-house posh cars for hire. In other words, our GMC Yukon rental service is low price and super friendly compared to others. You just have to holla if you need GMC Yukon for rent and you can pick it from our showroom or better even, let us deliver it to you!

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