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BMW X5 for rent in Dubai

  • BMW X5 MPower - 2017 preview
    • Well-maintained car
    • Highest level of customer service
    • Best suites for families and groups
    • Dubai
    • Deposit: $ 956
    • 250 km for 1 day
    • Available for rent
    1 day
    $ 273
    + VAT Tax $ 14
    3-6 days $ 273
  • BMW X5 - 2019 preview
    • Best suites for families and groups
    • Well insurance policy
    • Dubai
    • Deposit: $ 1,365
    • 250 km for 1 day
    • Available for rent
    Google reviews 3.8
    1 day
    $ 382
    + VAT Tax $ 19
    3-6 days $ 355
  • BMW X5 - 2018 preview
    • Car is in high demand
    • Best price offer
    • Highest level of customer service
    • Dubai
    • Deposit: $ 819
    • 250 km for 1 day
    • Available for rent
    Google reviews 4.8
    1 day
    $ 205
    + VAT Tax $ 10
    3-6 days $ 177

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The BMW X5 has been around since the first-generation BMW E53 X5 was manufactured in 1999. Back then Land Rover was owned by BMW but we know that it was sold to Ford at the turn of the century. A lot has changed since then of, course. BMW X5 is now beaming with exciting innovation! In the words of BMW, “BMW X5 has been redesigned and rebuilt from the wheels up and has heights of luxury, connectivity,and performance”.

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The exterior is a piece of luxury that features an elegant roofline top, a short overhang, and a compact wheelbase. This is just the tip of the iceberg! There is an extra vigor provided by light-alloy wheels, a bigger one-piece kidney grille plus you can also get one with an M sports exhaust unit if you want to experience a racing feel. The excellent look and feel get even better on the inside thanks to a mix of material and tech. The seats are made of the cool looking Vernasca leather upholstery that is super comfy for the driver and occupants. There is more! Talk of a 3D Soundsystem to give you a theatre-like experience, a sky lounge to spice up your journey, BMW’s iDrive system for infotainment just to highlight but a few. Did we also tell you that its engine power and fuel efficiency are also top-notch? Yes, it generates up to 340 horsepower while it can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just over 5 seconds. BMW X5 Rental in Dubai Looking to hire a BMW X5? Well, you are just in the right place! Renty offers premium car rental services in Dubai and we have an elegant BMW X5 for rent with us. It is a car that has the luxury and style, well suited for business and high-end events. It is also spacious, comfortable and safe for short and long road trips or tours in the UAE. The beauty is that we price our luxury car hire services with consumers in mind plus we own our fleet in-house. This is to say that we are one of the cheapest BMW X5 rental services you can get around. So, what are you waiting for? Talk to us to hire a BMW X5 in Dubai today!

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