Car rental in Khobar

At Renty, we specialize in high-quality car rental in Khobar, Saudi Arabia. We are the foremost service of our kind in Saudi and provide thousands of hire cars for business and leisure visitors to the city. It is our aim to make car hire as easy and speedy as possible. Our user-friendly platform allows users to quickly browse a comprehensive range of vehicles then reserve a car at the click of a button.

As well as providing an easy to use interface, we place great emphasis on customer support. Our team is customer-focused and always strives to deliver 100% client satisfaction. This is evident in our delivery promise. We are able to deliver any rental motor to a prearranged location in Khobar. Many of our clients find this convenient for picking up their car at the airport, a hotel, or another destination in the city.


Experience Khobar in eastern Saudi Arabia 

Khobar is located on the eastern side of the country and boasts fantastic views across the Arabian Gulf. The city is arguably best known as being a gateway to Bahrain, with the entry to the country being via the King Fahd Causeway spanning some 25 km across the sea. But there is more to see besides this impressive bridge.

On the seafront, the focal point is the Water Tower, an impressive structure with various tourist attractions and restaurants. The Corniche spans the entire front of the city and features Prince Faisal bin Fahad Sea Park, a stunning lush green park. The Fouad shopping center and the Seef Hall entertainment complex are nearby.

The Al-Rashid Mall is also worth a visit for visitors wanting a plethora of shops, restaurants, and family entertainment. Located on the outskirts of the city, the mall has hundreds of parking spaces. Many high-quality 5-star hotels are situated nearby, including another mall: the Venecia Mall, offering more shopping opportunities.

For anyone interested in science and technology, the Scitech Technology Center is an interesting science museum located just north of Monotheism Square. The venue also houses a large IMAX cinema, plus has plenty of parking spaces available for motor renters. A number of other seafront amenities are also nearby.


Car hire has advantages for many situations

People who rent a car in Khobar gain many advantages. The first is that drivers have the flexibility to go door to door anywhere in the city. This is simply not possible when using public transport. Another benefit is the level of comfort and privacy a motor provides. Renting is advantageous for leisure travelers wanting to see all the recreational and cultural sights, and also beneficial for business people.

Business use is one of the most common reasons for car rental in Khobar. Drivers who want to appear professional and successful often rent a luxury motor to impress clients. At Renty, we have a wide range of vehicles suitable for business use. They ensure customers arrive at their meeting relaxed and stress-free. We also list multi-seat vans for business people who need to transport many passengers.

Swift transport to and from the airport is also a key benefit of using a car rental company in Khobar. This is especially the case when large amounts of luggage need transporting. One of our major selling points is that we can deliver a motor to any location in the city. In many cases, delivery is to the airport or a hotel. Most firms do not offer this service, giving us a clear advantage for business and leisure travelers.


Renty provides a fast and simple process

The process to rent a car in Khobar is fast and straightforward. At Renty, we ensure the process works as smoothly as possible. We give users access to thousands of motors, all ready to book for a specific time and date. Our platform is available on smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. This makes booking car hire on the move easy and fun. Our easy booking process works as follows.

First visit Renty and browse through our huge range of vehicles. The user can compare the motors by brand, model, and price. We include high-quality photographic images so users can see the car in detail, including the exterior and interior. Once the user has found a brand they like, it can be instantly reserved. We also offer a delivery service where we drive the car to any suitable location for pickup.


We cater for all budgets and requirements

One of the many benefits of using Renty is that we provide motors for all occasions and budgets. Whether the user needs a basic everyday car for sightseeing, a mid-range car for extra comfort and performance, or a high-end supercar, we offer plenty of choice. We also have a wide selection of vehicles suitable for business from the likes of Mercedes, BMW, and Audi. Multi-seat vans are also included and are perfect for airport transfers, or for groups and business purposes. No matter what the cost or brand of motor, we ensure high levels of safety and performance. All our vehicles undergo regular servicing to ensure 100% client satisfaction.


Monthly rental is excellent value

Although some clients accept a rental agreement for an hourly or daily rate, we are also able to provide month-to-month plans. These plans often work out better because the cost per day becomes lower and more affordable over time. Many people choose to lease a motor on a monthly basis if they are in Saudi for business purposes. Others who need to stay in the country for a few months may prefer to rent because it is cheaper than buying a new motor outright. Whatever the reason, Renty’s month-to-month deals are competitive and among the best on the market.


Select from dozens of car models to rent

With 1000s of motors available at any one time, Renty customers are always guaranteed excellent choice. We feature dozens of brands and models in different price categories. This includes budget motors for people seeking cheap car rental, mid-range models, SUVs and crossovers, and luxury and prestige cars. We even list high-end supercars from top brands like Lamborghini and Ferrari. Multi-seat vans can also be rented and are ideal for transporting larger groups of passengers.


Important things to be aware of in Khobar

Saudi has many interesting places to visit and things to see and do, but it is worth remembering some pointers before heading to the country. The first is that the climate is extremely hot, especially in the mid-day. Adequate protection from the sun is vital, especially if driving an open-top motor, such as a convertible sports model.

It is also recommended that all visitors brush up on their knowledge of the local culture. The dress code differs from many western areas of the world, and there are some activities that are banned. Getting familiar with the local customs will ensure no issues once on location. It will also help to provide a stress-free and enjoyable trip.

For motor renters, having a clear understanding of the Saudi traffic regulations can also provide worthwhile. Most rules are common sense and fairly obvious. Typical examples include not breaking the speed limit and observing traffic signs. Ignoring the traffic laws can result in a heavy fine. So stay alert and drive with caution.


Key documents for visiting Saudi

Like in all countries, hiring a motor requires certain documentation. In Saudi, foreign visitors need to produce a valid passport, visa entry paperwork, and a home country driving license. International driving licenses are also suitable. Be aware that the minimum age limit is 25 years. Even Saudi nationals need to meet this requirement. Although not necessary, it can also be worthwhile purchasing travel and health insurance beforehand. Plans are readily available from online providers.

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