BMW X4 for rent in Dubai

The BMW X4 is one compact luxury SUV featuring sportiness, agility, and aggression. Since its launch in 2014, this car has two generations and they are all about nothing but flashy style and power. The appealing style is well illustrated in the unique exterior design that blends nice athletic curves-right from the roofline, the flared wheel housings not forgetting the classic double kidney grille that completes the appealing exterior style of this SUV.

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The interior side of the BMW X4 also makes a huge statement. For starters, you will love the sporty ambiance exuded by the high-quality leather interior furnish. The seats are also quite comfy and supportive not just from the driver’s perspective but also on the passenger side. Yes, there is a decent amount of legroom and headroom for passengers, particularly during long distances drives. The technology in the BMW X4 is also quite amazing. We are not just referring to the panoramic moon roof, or the user-friendly infotainment systems but also safety features to help you stay safe while you enjoy your drive. You will also like the machine in the performance department. At the heart of the X4 is a powerful engine designed to deliver a high horsepower while keeping an eye on fuel consumption. No wonder it is quite lightweight and smooth to ride!

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