Early Bird – Can-Am X3 (2 hours tour)

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Total price $ 463
Tour duration 2 hours
Maverick X3 X RS Turbo RR 2-seater
Hotel Pick-up/Drop-off (only Dubai) Free
Driver age 16+
What’s included
Ice cold soft drinks, water & snacks during tour
Experienced western tour guides
The best safety gear (Helmet, Goggles and Gloves)
Support for all tours

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Group/family day out Can-Am X3 (2 hours tour) - buggy tours in Dubai
Group/family day out Can-Am X3 (2 hours tour)

A constant family struggle is finding something everybody can enjoy from Mom and Dad to Sister and Brother. At Big Red we believe that a family that rides together stays together.

Tour duration: 2 hours
Seats: 4
$ 762
Early Bird – Can-Am X3 - buggy tours in Dubai
Early Bird – Can-Am X3

Take a quick rip through the desert sands in the mind-blowing Maverick X3 X RS Turbo RR. Pace and performance will keep you fully inclined to keep coming back for more. Our first early morning sessions are now available at a great price.

Tour duration: 1 hour
Seats: 2
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Night Raid – Polaris RS1 - buggy tours in Dubai
Night Raid – Polaris RS1

As the need for exciting adventure in human nature becomes more apparent day by day we have created a product for you to explore the depths of your own adrenaline.

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Seats: 1
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