Car rental in Dammam

As a leading provider of car rental in Dammam, at Renty we make car hire in Saudi Arabia simple and affordable. We have great experience in the industry and have become the foremost platform of our kind in the Middle East. This allows us to offer a fantastic range of 1000s of rental motors across much of Saudi Arabia. With our friendly, efficient customer service, we are the number one choice for customers.

The Renty platform takes the stress out of car hire. Our user-friendly website and app allows users to quickly search for and secure a motor in minutes. We feature powerful search tools so renters can compare vehicles based on factors like cost, brand, and model at a glance. Besides our wide range of cars, we offer convenient door-to-door delivery of vehicles, such as to the airport or to a hotel.


Dammam: an eclectic city for everyone

Situated on the east coast of Saudi Arabia and facing the Arabian Gulf, Dammam is one of Saudi’s major cities and has a population of nearly 1 million inhabitants. For people renting, the city provides many amenities and a superb coastal location. It is a fantastic place for drivers who want a convenient seaside destination.

King Fahd Park is a central tourist hotspot and offers a lush green landscape, quite a contrast in a country built on a dry desert. The park has stunning waterfalls and lakes and plays host to regular events and social gatherings. For motorists, it provides a relaxing break and opportunity to unwind from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Al Murjan Island, also known as Coral Island beach, and nearby Dolphin Village provides plenty of fun and games for the whole family. Dammam Corniche is also in the vicinity and offers a pleasant seafront walkway and provides access to King Abdullah Park. This area of the city is popular with tourists and residents alike.

The King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture is another major landmark and provides various exhibits throughout the year. It is well worth visiting while staying in Dammam. Drivers can easily access this area of town by using the city’s ring road. Many good quality hotels are situated nearby and suit business and leisure guests.


Key advantages of car rental in Dammam

There are many reasons why people rent a motor in Saudi. One popular reason is that it offers the ultimate in flexibility and convenience. Rather than relying on what is often busy public transport, people can drive from A to B in complete privacy. When time is of the essence, vehicle hire ensures speedy transport.

Another advantage of renting is that drivers get good value for money, especially when compared to using taxis and buses on a regular basis. When renting on a long-term basis, customers get even better value. It is this reason why both business and leisure travelers prefer to deal with an established car rental company in Dammam, such as Renty.

Many business travelers also benefit from renting a motor, especially prestige cars from brands like BMW, Rolls-Royce, and Mercedes. Or even supercars like Ferrari, McLaren and Lamborghini. Business people often want to appear professional so motor hire enables users to appear successful to their business associates.

For anyone traveling to and from overseas, car leasing enables quick and easy transfer to the airport. People arriving at King Fahd International Airport can have a suitable motor ready and waiting for them when they land. This provides fantastic convenience and ensures a comfortable, stress-free drive to the hotel or residence.


Rent a motor: it is a speedy and easy process

Hiring a vehicle using Renty is easy and can be completed within minutes. We pride ourselves on making the process as straightforward and user-friendly as possible. All a user has to do is browse our wide range of vehicles, compare them by make, model, and price, and then click “reserve”. A representative will then be in touch.

Along with our intuitive booking system, we go above and beyond to please all our clients. As such, we can deliver our motors to any convenient location within the city. Many people want delivery to the airport so they can drive after leaving the gate. But others may prefer delivery to a hotel or private residential address.


Renty caters for all budgets and requirements

At Renty, our comprehensive range of vehicles means that we cater for all budgets and requirements. Users looking for cheap car rental can choose economy cars, but we also offer mid-range examples and high-end luxury models. All of our models are suitable for business or leisure uses. We even list many multi-seater vans.

For people who want the ultimate thrill and excitement, our supercars are a popular choice. We support hourly, daily, and monthly supercar hire for drivers who need to command attention and make an impact. Many business people rent a supercar when wanting to impress clients. But recreational visitors can also enjoy the fun.


Rent a car on a monthly basis for better value

Motor rental on a month-to-month basis is a good alternative to buying outright. When people visit Saudi on business and need to stay for months at a time, a motor is often a necessity. But purchasing a suitable car is not always possible or convenient. This is where Renty comes in. We cater for business and leisure users.

By renting on a month-to-month basis, renters save money because the cost per day is cheaper than when renting on a daily basis. Some people also use our services as a replacement for long-term leasing, especially if the required brand is high value. Month-to-month also gives users more time to enjoy all the benefits of car leasing.


We supply all major brands and models

With a database of over 1000 vehicles, at Renty, we provide users with a choice of dozens of brands and models. This includes economy motors for people on a low budget, SUVs, family cars, crossovers, sports cars, and prestige cars. All our vehicles are relatively new and have great safety and performance credentials.

Business people often choose our range of luxury vehicles from the likes of Mercedes, Bentley, and BMW. These give a subtle and professional appearance ideal for conducting business and impressing clients in Saudi. For business people needing to transport extra passengers around the city, we also have multi-seat vans.


Renters: don’t forget these key details

When renting a motor in Saudi Arabia, it is important to be aware of a few details prior to arrival. The first thing to note is traffic regulations. Be aware of local traffic laws and keep within the speed limit at all times. Obey all signs and do not block traffic. This is essential to ensure safety and to avoid any heavy fines. It can be useful to study maps of the city beforehand. Satellite navigation is recommended and is available as standard with many rental vehicles on Renty.


The correct paperwork is a necessity

People looking to rent a car in Dammam must produce the correct documentation. Foreign visitors to the country will need to have a valid passport, visa entry documentation, and an international driving license (or alternatively a home country driving license). Saudi nationals just need a valid license and proof of age. It is important to note that all renters must be aged 25 and over, regardless of nationality.

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