Mini Countryman for rent in Dubai

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The mini countryman is a bona-fide family car that will let you travel where not many cars can. It is not just ruggedly handsome and meant for the tough terrains, it has lots of features that travelers crave for.

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Every traveler loves space, right? Well, the Mini Countryman has a good number of features tailored for space. One of the coolest one is the variable rear seats that let you create space at your will. You can shift them backward for extra legroom or adjust them to get extra luggage space. The other travel awesome feature is an optional simple picnic bench that comes in handy when you want to relax in a pit-stop along the way. You will also love the hand-free opening feature which allows you to open the boot with a light touch on the rear sill with your foot. Elegance hasn’t been sacrificed for space, though. The car is quite seductive particularly the illuminated interior which has that warm glow even in bad weather. The tech in this car is also top-notch thanks to advanced systems ranging for infotainment, features to help you drive safely and a lot more!

Mini Countryman Rental in Dubai

Dubai has a plethora of tourist attraction sites, so why not hire a Mini Countryman and explore the magnificence of UAE? Now, Renty is the home of premium rental cars in Dubai and we have this all-rounder beast available for rent. Our Mini Countryman for rent is perfectly fit for conquering the Dubai experience. It is the car for the ultimate Dubai adventure-whether you are touring the coasts, navigating through the bustle of the city or negotiating any other jagged terrain in the UAE. We don’t outsource! The cars are in-house thus we can guarantee you that our prices are on the lower end. No wonder customers love our Mini Countryman Rental services! Don’t take our word for it. Holla at us to reserve your cheap Mini Countryman rental car and test-drive our services!

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