Infiniti Q Series for rent in Dubai

The Infiniti Q50 is a five-seat, mid-sized sports sedan with a bold look and impressive all-round performance. The car features a 16V turbocharged engine, generating 211 bhp and 0 to 100 km/h in approximately 7.3 seconds. This gives the Infiniti Q50 more than enough speed and power for general use. Additional features of the Q50 include a 7-speed automatic transmission, rear-wheel drive, and a comfortable interior with all the modern technology expected.

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The Infiniti Q50 is an excellent alternative to the high-power supercars that are commonly seen in Dubai and the UAE. The car delivers a superbly comfortable drive, enabling anyone visiting Dubai to enjoy all this exciting city has to offer. Whether the order of the day is driving around town, visiting designer shops, or traveling to and from the hotel, the Q50 is a lesser-known but equally capable brand. For Infiniti Q50 rental in Dubai, at Renty, we have vast experience and knowledge of all kinds of luxury cars. As a well-established company in the Dubai area, we own all our vehicles. This is unlike many of our competitors who lease their cars on a long-term basis. Therefore, we can ensure a low price for every hire car customer. To begin the process to secure an Infiniti Q50 for rent, first become familiar with the Renty website and locate a suitable car. Next, please get in touch with us either by telephone or by using the easy online inquiry form. We will respond soon after to provide further details. When the time comes for delivering the car, we offer customers two options: either pick-up the car at our showroom or take advantage of our convenient door-to-door delivery service.

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