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BMW 6 Series for rent in Dubai

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Deposit: AED 2,500
250 km for 1 day
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1 day
AED 1,100
3-6 days AED 1,000
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The class of cars available for rent

BMW have been churning out this executive series since 1979 and they have never ceased to impress. The BMW 6 Series is currently at the 4th generation with all the models bearing gorgeous curves but the latest ones are more appealing. They have bodies characterized by flowing lines, dramatic curves, and an elegant, energetic posture. This is the sort of design that delivers that lean and muscular appearance which will make you standout even in a place full of luxury cars.

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Inside the 6-series, every control has been well-placed well within reach to assure you of a comfortable ride. The latest versions have been decorated with fine material like the fine Nappa, Full Merino Leather upholstery, wood or lacquer interior trims, Anthracite Alcantara headliner etc. There are also excellent technologies in there for infotainment and driver assistance. The engine under the hoods varies depending on the BMW 6 model but we can say that they befitting of their appearances. There is actually no bad engine in this range. There is a petrol engine if you don’t fancy a diesel option while you can also pick one which has more power like the V8 engine. BMW 6 Series Rental in Dubai You can rent yourself a BMW 6 series in Dubai thanks to Renty executive car hire services. Our BMW series range is excellent for long commutes and driving holidays with families or friends. Say, perhaps you want to explore the beauty of Dubai and its environs. This range is an outstanding choice. You can also use it for transportation when it comes to matters high-end business. With our executive car rental services, you are spoilt of choice! You just have to pick the BMW 6 series for rent that suits you from our fleet. Booking is simple. Contact us to make a reservation for a BMW 6 Series for rent in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE. We will drop it to you or you can pick it from our showroom.

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