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Audi claims to have “opened up the lines” to reveal certain details that are not in the least bit restrained by convention – the Audi A5 lets you keep your hands on the wheel as you let the top down and feel the Emirati wind in your hair.

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There’s no shortage of character with the A5 – the rich infotainment systems and the 12.3in cluster of instruments let you control everything from navigation to audio as well as access to Google Earth. If you’re looking for a luxury two-door Euro sports car with a premium interior and sleek styling, the Audi A5 offers a superb mix of performance and drivability. The 7-speed sequential flappy-paddle gearbox makes shifting smooth and seamless while the 2-litre 4-cylinder turbo charged engine produces an ear-pleasing 252 HP at 5000 rpm. Although sporting a somewhat basic interior, Audi’s signature elegance and modern style are hard to miss. The controls are exactly where they should be while clever safety features such as blind spot alerts and automatic seat belt tightening when an imminent collision is likely, would make any fan of Euro sports cars appreciate Audi’s practical and sporty approach to 2-door convertibles.

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