Car rental in Riyadh

At Renty, we provide reliable and high-quality car rental in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. As a premier car rental company with great experience in the industry, we supply a comprehensive range of vehicles for business and leisure travelers. Our easy to use website makes searching for and securing a motor simple and stress-free. Along with our friendly customer service, this makes us the #1 car rental company in Riyadh.

Our user-friendly website allows users to find and book a car in minutes. Here’s how it works: browse through a selection of over 1000 vehicles and compare motors by brand, model, and price. Then secure the booking within a few clicks. One of the advantages of our service is that we can deliver our motors to any destination in Riyadh. This includes the airport, a hotel, or residential accommodation.


Experience the thrill and excitement of Riyadh

Riyadh is an exciting and vibrant city with a population of over 5 million people. As a sprawling city with lots of amenities spread all over town, the best way to travel is by hiring a motor. The city offers a perfect blend of traditional Middle Eastern culture and modern 21st-century living.

With a fast-growing financial sector, the city is a leading destination for business. When traveling around the city by car, drivers and passengers experience a great thrill from the vibrant street pattern and hustle and bustle of the community. Riyadh is exciting whether on business or visiting for leisure purposes.

Perhaps the most recognizable landmark is The Kingdom Centre, a large and stunning skyscraper with an impressive observation deck. Many travelers to the city seek out this destination for photo opportunities and to visit the large shopping mall. Business visitors also head here for the numerous conferences and exhibitions.

The city zoo is well worth exploring for visitors who enjoy a touch of nature. Driving to the zoo using a rental car is easy and makes a great day out for all the family. Similarly, Salam Park is a large and inviting green area with spectacular dancing fountains, a boating lake, and other recreational facilities.

For anyone wanting to experience Saudi’s cultural heritage, the 19th century Masmak Fortress is a good place to begin. The site has many historical artifacts to view and also features a museum that provides glimpses into Saudi’s past. Historical city tours are available for anyone who wants to learn more.

Besides the numerous recreational, cultural, and business facilities, visitors can take advantage of the many high-quality hotels in the city. Accommodation for different budgets is readily available, from boutique hotels and self-catering residences to mid-range hotels and luxury 5-star resorts - for business and leisure travelers.


Key advantages of motor rental in Saudi

People visiting Saudi Arabia need a rental motor for many different reasons. But the most common reason is because it provides the most comfort, flexibility, and privacy while traveling. Renting can be very worthwhile for all types of travelers, from leisure visitors who are sightseeing to business people wanting a reliable luxury car.

One popular benefit is when traveling to and from the airport. Many people like to rent a car so they can avoid the hassle of busy public transport, such as buses, trains, and taxis. Hiring a motor ensures door to door transport, great comfort, and better value, especially if taken on a weekly or monthly basis.

Leisure travelers often rent a motor when sightseeing. It provides the best flexibility for traveling to and from a hotel, or any other residence. It also ensures family trips out are more accessible and convenient. Since most areas of the city can be reached within 30 minutes, this makes motors the ideal transportation option.

But there are some people who just want to rent for a short period of time, such as for the hour or the day. Many thrill seekers want to try the “supercar experience”, and will rent a high-end supercar like a Ferrari or Lamborghini. Others may want to rent a luxury car like a Rolls-Royce or Bentley to impress business associates.

In fact, many business people take a car to showcase a professional image, or to give the appearance of wealth and success. Rather than buying an expensive car outright, hiring is often more economical. This is one reason why visitors and residents lease a car over the long-term, especially if on business assignments.


Rent a car in Riyadh within minutes

The process to rent a car in Riyadh is easy and can be completed in minutes, leaving customers more time to enjoy the rest of their day. We have made our platform as user-friendly and accessible as possible. Renters can easily browse through thousands of motors using their mobile device, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

To begin the process to hire, first seek out a suitable motor from our extensive range, then compare models using brand names, models, and price. Then secure the car for a particular time and date. We include high-quality photographs of all our hire vehicles so users can see the great condition and refinements of each motor.

Once the booking has been completed, we can arrange delivery of the car to any pre-arranged location in the city. Some customers like to drive the car from the airport. But we can also deliver it to a hotel or other residence. This is just one reason why Renty provides superior motor hire to all other firms in the area.


Car Hire Available For All Budgets & Purposes

Our services are suitable for all types of customers and budget requirements. We include a mixture of entry-level economy models that are suitable for general purpose use, mid-range examples, SUVs, and high-end luxury vehicles and supercars. Competitively priced multi-seat vans are also available.

Whether customers require a high-end prestige model to impress business clients or cheap car rental to ferry passengers around the city, Renty provides the best selection of vehicles available. All our vehicles undergo regular servicing and maintenance to ensure the best levels of safety and performance. Top customer service is always guaranteed.


Benefit From Monthly Hire

Although customers can choose to rent a vehicle on an hourly or daily basis, month-to-month plans are more cost-effective. Hiring a motor over the long-term means that the comparable cost per day is cheaper than when hiring day-to-day. This is more economical for people needing to stay over longer periods. Typical examples of people who find month-to-month plans beneficial include business people on working visas, residents of Riyadh, and anyone who does not wish to buy a new model outright.


Choose from 1000s of models and types

We have an impressive range of motors available at Renty. This includes general-purpose vehicles, SUVs, luxury, prestige, sports, and even supercar models. Business travelers often require brands like Mercedes, BMW, or Bentley due to their professional image. Or they may opt for a sports model or supercar for the ultimate “wow!” factor. But all our vehicles are also suitable for leisure use. We even list vans that are perfect for transporting larger numbers of passengers.


Key things to remember when visiting the city

When renting a motor in Saudi, it is important to be aware of a few things. The first is to be aware that traffic drives on the right hand side of the road. This is often the same as many other countries, but some nationalities may have to take time to adjust. Secondly, be sure to observe road markings and traffic signs. Fines can be expensive for drivers who fail to follow the rules. Stick to the speed limit at all times and watch the road carefully. This will ensure an enjoyable, stress-free trip.

Documents required when traveling

Just like in all other countries, documentation is required before anyone can lease a motor in Saudi Arabia. For residents, all that is required is an official driving license and supporting documentation. For visitors to the country, an international driving license or a home driving license is necessary. Temporary licenses are not accepted. Travelers must also produce a valid visa entry document and passport. All travelers should be aware that the minimum driving age in Saudi Arabia is 25 years.


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