Car rental in Makkah

Renty is a leading provider of car rental in Makkah (also commonly known as Mecca). As one of the premier rental firms in Saudi Arabia, we allow users to search 1000s of vehicles and reserve a car within minutes. We cater for all budgets and customer requirements and go the extra mile to ensure 100% client satisfaction. Many business and leisure travelers use us on a regular basis when visiting Saudi.

Our easy to use booking platform lets anyone search numerous motor brands and compare vehicles by model, type, and price. Our wide range of motors includes many globally-leading brands, such as Mercedes, Ferrari, BMW, Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Lamborghini, Audi, Ford, and others. We provide a bespoke service and can even deliver to any suitable location in the city, such as the airport or a hotel.


Makkah: a holy site full of history and culture

Makkah is located in the mid-west of Saudi Arabia, further inland from Jeddah. The city is the holiest place in the world for the Islamic faith. Car hire in the city is very popular, especially for people visiting for Hajj and pilgrimage. Al Masjid Al Haram, also known as the Grand Mosque, is the focal point of the city.

The Cave of Thor is another popular destination and forms part of a small mountain. It is a holy site and receives many visitors who are on pilgrimage. From the center of the city, the Cave of Thor takes approximately 30 minutes. This journey can be completed most comfortably in a car, as opposed to using public transport.

Many people also head to see Jabal Al Nour mountain when visiting Makkah. This important holy site is situated north of the city and houses Hira Cave, a destination that pilgrims regularly visit. The high altitude provides fantastic views across the city and is an excellent area for taking breathtaking photographs.

The Exhibition of the Two Holy Mosques is an architecture exhibition and museum located in the outskirts, northwest of the city. It is easily accessible by car and provides an interesting overview of Islamic culture over the centuries. Most visitors to the city find time to visit this insightful exhibition center.


Car hire for leisure and business travelers

The advantage of motor leasing is that it is the most convenient and flexible way to travel around Saudi Arabia. People seek to rent a car in Makkah because it allows them to travel quickly from A to B and door to door without relying on busy public transport. It is also very affordable when compared to the regular use of taxis and buses.

For leisure travelers, motor hire allows the freedom to drive anywhere in the city without restriction. This is especially useful when on pilgrimage because many of the important holy sites are situated away from one another. It also allows more elderly visitors or groups to get around with ease and complete privacy.

Business people who rent a car can also benefit. For those visiting for business purposes, a luxury or prestige car gives the impression of wealth and success, which is useful when wanting to impress clients. But at Renty, we also provide multi-seat vans for business customers who need to transport associates around the city.

When traveling to and from the airport, renting a motor can also be highly advantageous - especially when lots of luggage needs to be transported. A leased car allows renters to leave the airport swiftly without waiting for taxis. It also ensures a stress-free, relaxing drive to any destination, such as a hotel or private residence.


The process to rent is easy and simple

At Renty, we make rental in Saudi as straightforward and stress-free as possible. Our user-friendly website is accessible via mobile, tablet, and desktop computers. With 1000s of brands available, we cater to all types of visitors, budgets, and customer requirements. We also ensure attentive and friendly customer service, just one reason why we have so much repeat custom. Visitors can trust us as a premier car rental company in Makkah.

The process is as follows: browse through our database of motors and compare each vehicle by brand, model, and price. Then complete the reservation by selecting a suitable time and date. We allow users to instantly see the availability. Our platform also features high-quality photography so users can view the great condition of our vehicles. And unlike some firms, we deliver to any suitable location. In fact, most customers use this service to collect their motor from the airport or a hotel.


We cater for all budgets and customer requirements

As a leading car rental company, we ensure all types of visitors to Saudi have access to the perfect motor. This means we cater to all budgets and requirements. We have a wide range of economy, mid-range, and luxury vehicles. For people seeking cheap car rental, our economy motors are a great budget option. But we also offer luxury motors for business people who want to make a positive first impression when attending meetings and conferences. For people who need to transport many passengers, our collection of multi-seat vehicles provides great comfort and flexibility.


Monthly plans are a great value option

While we offer motor leasing plans on an hourly and daily basis, monthly rental often works best for people who want the use of a motor over many months. The cost per day becomes more affordable with month-to-month packages, which is why many business and leisure travelers opt for these plans. Long-term leasing provides greater flexibility and is cheaper than buying a car outright. So for visitors to Saudi who prefer not to buy but still need a quality car, Renty provides the best range and service possible.


Choose from dozens of brands and models

One of the key advantages of using Renty is that we have 1000s of cars available. Our range includes many brands and models to rent, including SUVs, sports cars, luxury vehicles, and economy brands. Our collection is suitable for individual travelers, leisure users, families, business people, and residents. Just some of the many popular brands featured include Mercedes, Chevrolet, Ferrari, Bentley, Lamborghini, McClaren, Ford, KIA, and others. We also feature multi-seat vans for people who need to travel with a group of passengers.


Key things to remember when visiting

When renting a car in Makkah, it makes sense to be aware of a few things prior to arrival. One thing to remember is that the culture is quite different from many western countries. There are a number of regulations and cultural norms to be aware of. One such example is that couples are assumed to be married. Studying the rules is highly recommended before heading to the country.

For people visiting many of the historic and holy sites, be aware that photography is discouraged. Although it is possible to gain some photos as memories from a trip to Mecca, travelers should ideally only shoot photos or videos in designated areas. Even in general, photos are often discouraged, so keep this in mind during the trip.

It is also important to be aware of Saudi traffic regulations. Although the road network is easy to use and similar to most other countries, there can be a few differences at times. Speeding and ignoring traffic signals can result in an expensive fine. This is why it helps to drive carefully and be mindful of the highways at all times.


Documentation is required before renting

All travelers to Saudi who want motor rental must produce valid documentation. Foreign travelers need to show a passport, home country driving license, and a visa entry stamp. An international driving license is also widely accepted. Saudi nationals usually only have to show a driving license and proof of residency. It is worth noting that all visitors to Saudi must be 25 years or above before they can hire. Travel and health insurance is also recommended and should be purchased prior to the trip.

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