Car rental in Madinah

At Renty, we provide first-rate car rental in Madinah coupled with excellent customer service and affordable pricing. Our user-friendly booking platform lets users search for and book a hire car within minutes. As a premier car rental company in Saudi Arabia, we serve the entire country, plus other locations across the Middle East. With many years of experience in the industry, we are the number one choice in Saudi.

Our platform is accessible on mobile devices, tablets, and desktop PCs. We enable users to quickly search through 1000s of vehicles from many of the world’s top brands, then secure a motor for rental in seconds. But we offer much more than a typical leasing company. We are able to facilitate the delivery of hired motors to anywhere in the city, such as the airport, a hotel, or any other residence.


Experience the thrill of Madinah by road

Madinah is located in north-west Saudi Arabia, north of the cities of Jeddah and Mecca. The city provides a mixture of traditional culture and modern 21st-century living. With a population of over 1 million people, it is a busy city offering many amenities for tourists and residents alike. Cultural attractions are popular here.

Al Masjid an Nabawi, a stunning mosque situated centrally in the city, is among the largest in the world. It is a major destination for travelers from all over the globe and provides excellent photo opportunities from the nearby public squares. At night, the mosque and surrounding area is lit up and creates an impressive ambiance.

Uhud Mountain is a popular destination and well worth exploring for anyone visiting the city. The mountain is on the itinerary of many travelers who want to indulge in a spot of culture and history. Situated just north of the city, the mountain is easily accessible by road. But private bus tours are also available from the center of town.

For business or leisure travelers who like to shop, Al Noor Mall provides a contemporary shopping experience with hundreds of stores, eateries, and restaurants. The mall is completely under cover and gives a welcome relief from the hot midday sunshine. For car renters, parking is convenient with plenty of space.

Besides the many cultural and recreational sites in Madinah, the city is home to various hotels from large international brands. But there are many smaller boutique hotels available as well. Motorists who rent a car in Madinah will find plenty of choice in terms of accommodation. Business and leisure hotels are situated all over the city.


Renting a car has many advantages

A large proportion of visitors seek to rent a car in Madinah, either when on business trips or when visiting for recreation and leisure. Many tourists prefer to hire because it gives better convenience and flexibility than with public transport. The cost per day is also priced more competitively when compared to taxis and buses.

Business visitors often use the services of a car rental company in Madinah to lease a luxury or prestige motor. Most business people want to appear professional but may only stay for a few weeks or months. Buying a motor outright is not always necessary. This is why at Renty we provide a wide range of high-quality business cars.

People who need to travel to and from the airport can also benefit from motor rental. This is especially true when having to carry large amounts of luggage. Or when multiple passengers need transporting. Multi-seater vehicles like vans work well for families and groups. But virtually any motor provides great comfort and privacy.


Hire within minutes using our speedy process

Renty is a user-friendly and speedy way for people to hire a vehicle. We have designed our website so users can quickly search thousands of motors and compare by brand, model, and price. Besides our intuitive and feature-rich website, we also offer attentive and friendly customer service. Our close partnerships with many leading rental firms ensure we offer the widest choice in Saudi.

The process to claim a vehicle takes just minutes at Renty. First browse through our 1000s of hire cars to find a suitable motor, then compare each brand and model. We list the exact cost, plus other information, such as number of seats, engine size, number of doors, and more. Once a car has been chosen, it can be instantly reserved. We are able to deliver cars to most destinations within the city.


Vehicles for all budgets and purposes

With our comprehensive selection of vehicles, we cater for different budget requirements and purposes, including business and leisure use. For people seeking cheap car rental, we list economy motors that are ideal for sightseeing, traveling from the airport, or to the hotel. But we also have many mid-range and luxury cars available from the likes of Mercedes, Audi, and BMW. We can even provide sports cars and high-end supercars for people wanting a top of the range motor.


Save money on monthly packages

For people who need a motor to use over a period of months, month-to-month plans are great value. This is because the price per day gets cheaper after hiring for 30/31 days. Many people who stay in the city for business purposes like long-term leasing because it costs less than purchasing a new motor outright. It also ensures better flexibility, should the individual need to leave the country for any reason. Tourists staying for long periods can also enjoy the favorable benefits of month-to-month deals. 


Choose from dozens of makes and models

At Renty, we pride ourselves on our huge range of motors. We list many different brands and models so our customers gain the best possible choice. Choose from various categories, such as: luxury motors, SUVs, prestige models, sports cars, supercars, and vans. All budgets and requirements are catered for. We also list economy models for people on a low budget. For people needing to transport many passengers, high-quality multi-seater vans are available from different brands.


What to remember when renting in Saudi

Business and leisure visitors renting a motor in Saudi should be aware of a few things prior to arriving on location. The first is that traffic runs on the right hand side of the road. This should not be a problem for many people, but for anyone who usually drives on the left needs to be extra cautious. Secondly, it goes without saying, but be aware of local traffic laws and always watch road signs and markings. This will help keep all road users safe and ensure no heavy fines from authorities.


A number of documents are necessary

Before anyone can rent a motor in Saudi Arabia, a number of documents must be presented. Typically for foreign visitors, this includes a passport, visa entry stamp, and a home country driving license, or international driving license. Saudi nationals only need to produce a driving license and proof of age. All renters in the country must be 25 years or above. It is also worth investing in travel and health insurance beforehand. Plans are readily available for purchase online.

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