Car rental in Jeddah

For anyone seeking car rental in Jeddah, Renty is the premier car rental company serving the area. Our user-friendly platform allows users to search 1000s of cars and secure booking within minutes. We feature many of the most sought-after car models, from high-end luxury brands to SUVs, sports cars, and even multi-seat vans. We serve both business and leisure travelers and guarantee great customer service.

The Renty platform can be easily accessed via a smartphone, tablet device, or desktop computer. We make it easy so users can quickly search through thousands of cars at the touch of a button. Users can then compare brands by make, model, and price. As well as our intuitive booking platform, we go above and beyond to satisfy all clients. This means delivering rented cars to any location, such as the airport, a hotel, or even a private residential address.


Jeddah: a cool and exciting city for driving

Situated on the Red Sea, Jeddah is a popular tourist city and home to over 3 million people. The city has a warm, sunny climate and acts as the gateway to some other key destinations in Saudi Arabia, such as Mecca. Nicknamed the “Bride of the Red Sea", Jeddah is an exciting and popular city to drive around.

For visitors to the city, King Fahd's Fountain is a recommended visit and acts as a focal point in the center of the city. It is the world’s tallest fountain and provides an impressive sight to tourists and residents alike, especially when lit up at night. The fountain can be seen from many central coastal areas of the city.

Jeddah Corniche is also a great hotspot for people who rent a car in Jeddah. Located north of the city center, it boasts an impressive seafront walkway with many sculptures, artwork, and public beaches, ideal for relaxing in the sun. A number of free car parks line the main road, which is perfect for everyone renting a motor.

For shoppers, the Red Sea Mall provides plenty of choice, with hundreds of stores, eateries, and a cinema. This large multi-floor mall is one of the largest in Saudi Arabia and well worth a visit. It is easily accessible via the main coastal highway heading north of the city and has convenient parking spaces available.

Travelers looking for peace and quiet and a luxury 5-star hotel service should head to Silver Sands Beach north of the center. This area features a number of upscale resort hotels popular with tourists looking for tranquility and reliable weather. For car renters, the rest of the city is within around 20 to 30 minutes traveling distance.


Car hire has advantages over other transport

People rent a car in Jeddah for many different reasons. Leisure travelers, business travelers, and residents often take a vehicle because it makes their life easier and more comfortable. Traveling by car from A to B makes getting around the city easy. But there are various other advantages of hiring a car in Saudi.

One example is tourists who need an easy and affordable way to get around without using public transport. Buses and taxis can prove inconvenient and expensive, especially if used on a daily basis over a period of time. Renting a motor is often more affordable and provides great comfort and door to door convenience.

Business people wanting a luxury car for meetings and conferences often contact a car rental company in Jeddah. A high-end motor gives the appearance of wealth and success and works well when attempting to impress clients. But multi-seater vans are also available for transporting business associates around the city.

Another reason when motor leasing can be advantageous is when looking to travel to and from King Abdulaziz International Airport. Cars are especially useful when large amounts of luggage need to be transported. With extra services like car delivery, renters can enjoy the immediate use of the car once they have landed at the airport.

Short-term leasing is also popular for people who want the “luxury car experience”. Typically, people may rent a high-end supercar for an hour or a day. This gives them the opportunity to test-drive a premium motorcar - something they would never normally be able to. It provides great thrill and excitement for many rental customers.


Browse and book a motor within minutes

The process to book a motor is easy at Renty. We have made our online platform as user-friendly as possible to enable fast, secure bookings. The procedure is as follows: browse through our wide range of brands from the likes of Mercedes, BMW, Ferrari, Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Lamborghini, and others. Then compare by factors such as model and price. We include quality photos to help in the process.

Once a car has been chosen, it can be reserved in an instant for a particular time and date. At this point, the user can select additional services, such as delivery to a destination in the city. We are happy to facilitate delivery to popular locations, such as the airport, a hotel, private residence, or other pre-arranged destination. At all times, customers can contact our customer service team for extra assistance.


Car hire for all budgets and purposes

At Renty, we strive to provide the widest range of quality cars in Saudi Arabia. As such, we include brands to suit different budgets and tastes. Our range includes economy models for people on a low budget who need cheap car rental, mid-range motors, and high-end supercars and prestige vehicles. We also list a wide range of vans and multi-seat people carriers that are ideal for transporting multiple passengers.


Monthly hire provides great value

For people who lease a car over the long-term, the cost becomes more economical. This is because the cost per day reduces long-term rentals. Many people who reside in the city or need to stay for months on business opt for month-to-month hire because it provides better value compared to buying a new car outright. People who need the use of a luxury model can also benefit from hiring. Especially if the model is an expensive high-end supercar or prestige vehicle.


Rent 1000s of makes and models

Our comprehensive range of vehicles is among the best in the Middle East. We feature motors for every budget and situation. This includes general purpose vehicles for basic everyday use, luxury and prestige motors, SUVs, crossovers, sports models, supercars, and even multi-seater vans. All our brands are suitable for business and recreational purposes. We continually look to improve our selection of vehicles by forming close partnerships with many of Saudi Arabia’s premier rental firms.


Things to remember when renting

There are a few things that travelers should remember before heading to the city. The first thing to remember is to bring the correct documentation (more on this below). The second is to be aware of the local traffic laws in Saudi. While the city has similar traffic regulations to most other areas of the world, there may be slight differences, especially in terms of signs and road markings. It helps to become more familiar with the layout of the city prior to travel. A sat nav is also helpful once on location. Many of our motors come with a satellite navigation device built-in.


Don’t forget these important documents

Anyone requiring car hire in Saudi needs to be 25 years or above. This is the case regardless of nationality. For foreign visitors, a passport, visa entry documentation, and internationally-recognized driving license are necessary. For residents, a Saudi driving license and proof of age are usually all that is required. It can also be very worthwhile investing in different types of insurance before travel. Health and travel insurance is highly recommended and can be easily purchased online.

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