Car rental in Doha

Doha, the capital of Qatar, has an enviable position on the Arabian Gulf and is a major destination for business, leisure and tourism. The city is vibrant and modern yet manages to retain many aspects of its cultural past. Renting a car is the best way to travel around Doha. The city has an efficient road network that makes car travel easy. At Renty, we specialize in car rental in Doha, and across many areas of the Middle East. Trust us to offer excellent value and service for car hire in Qatar.


What cars are available to rent in Doha?

As one of the foremost car rental providers in the Middle East, Renty serves up a wide range of hire vehicles, including SUVs, sedans, sports cars, multi-seat vans, and even top of the range supercars from brands like Ferrari and Lamborghini. Our range features cars for all budgets and customer requirements.

For families and others wanting a practical vehicle for everyday use, SUVs are the ideal choice. They combine the latest technology, interior space, and great performance for the city or when off the beaten track. Examples like the Chevrolet Tahoe, Mercedes G63 AMG, and the Range Rover Sport are highly popular in Doha.

People on a budget may like to consider our economy cars. These cheap cars to rent are great value and suitable for leisure or business use where status is not a primary requirement. KIA Rio, Nissan Sunny, and Fiat 595 are all reliable choices. Budget hire cars are also a good option for traveling from the airport to a hotel.

But some people spend more to guarantee high levels of comfort and luxury performance. Our range of luxury and prestige cars make a positive first impression and give the appearance of wealth and success. Cars from brands like Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Audi and BMW work well for business or recreation purposes. 

Then there is our range of sports cars and supercars. Driving a sports car in Doha is an exciting and action-packed experience. Popular cars like the Porsche Boxster, the Lamborghini Evo, and the Audi R8 Spyder provide blistering acceleration and top-level performance. Plus they have the important attention-grabbing street credibility.

Multi-seat vans are the obvious choice for larger groups, or for traveling to and from the airport. We feature a number of multi-seater vans for business and leisure users. This includes the Mercedes VITO, the Toyota Innova, the Hyundai H1, and the Mercedes V Class, among others. They suit different budgets and requirements.


Is there a minimum age requirement to rent a car?

The minimum age requirement to rent a car in Doha is 25 years. But younger drivers aged 21 and above can still rent a car if they pay a surcharge. Not all car rental firms provide this service, so be sure to check the terms and conditions beforehand. Most high-end supercars require the renter to be at least 25 years or above. 


Is insurance necessary when renting a car in Doha?

Car insurance is a necessity when renting a car in Doha. The minimum requirement is third party insurance, which provides financial protection from damage caused by others. But this basic insurance does not provide a fully comprehensive cover. We recommend that all renters purchase the most comprehensive cover they can afford. We are happy to advise on high-end car insurance for our customers.


What fuel policies do I need to be aware of?

Most car rental companies listed on Renty provide a full tank of fuel upon delivery. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure the tank is topped up. Any breakdowns or accidents due to low fuel will incur extra charges. We ask our clients to return the car with the same amount of fuel as when it was delivered.


What are the damage and car wash policies?

We strive to keep all our hire cars in excellent condition. We always deliver vehicles 100% clean and tidy, with no visible damage to the paintwork or interior. We ask all clients to keep the cars in the condition they arrive in. In the event that damage occurs, our customer service team is able to provide useful advice.


Where do I collect and return the car?

In most cases, our partners can deliver the rental car to a prearranged location (usually a parking lot or other convenience space). When the time comes to return the car, just take it to the location it was delivered. But some clients wish to have the car delivered directly to them, such as to the airport, a hotel, or a residential address. We are happy to accommodate these requests for an additional charge.


Key safety issues to be aware of

When hiring a car using the Renty platform, clients can be confident we make safety our number one priority. All the cars we feature undergo regular servicing and maintenance to ensure the best performance and safety. Clients can help to ensure high levels of safety by performing their own car checks. It also helps to become familiar with the controls before driving. This will reduce the likelihood of accidents.


Best things to see and do in Doha

Doha is a thrilling city that is continually evolving and never fails to surprise. Just one example is the rapidly developing area called “The Pearl”, a marina with a great mixture of shopping, restaurants, and recreational activities. The city features many shops and outlets from international brands — including those offering designer clothing and accessories. Some other notable hotspots include Katara Cultural Village, Doha Corniche, and The Amphibious Octopus Resort. There are many historical and cultural sights to be found in and around the city area.


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