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This 458 is a true Ferrari! It is a race-inspired car built for top draw performance. The mid-engine sports car won a number of awards and it is certainly not by a fluke. For starters, the body style of the 458 was designed by Ferrari style center in collaboration with Pininfarina. Moreover, there was an input from the legendary Formula 1 driver Michael Schumacher in this classy design. The exterior design is all about aerodynamic efficiency, especially with a front grille which has deformable winglets that go low when you are driving at high speeds.

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The interior of this Ferrari is also race-inspired. It features material engineering to make the car super lightweight with the use of material like Alcantara and carbon-fiber. Aesthetically you will like craftsmanship in there that comes in the form of hand-stitching, sculptured door panels and aluminum tread plates etc. The engine that makes it all happen is a powerful naturally aspirated V8 engine. It can hit top speeds of 340 km per hour while you can accelerate from 0-100 km per hour in just under 4 seconds! Breathtaking right? Ferrari 458 Rental in Dubai This Ferrari 458 comes in a number of variants such as the 458 Speciale or 458 Speciale A but regardless, every Ferrari feels at home in the cultured Dubai. Yes, Dubai is the epitome of luxury and it is certainly a place you will enjoy driving any sports car. The beauty is that you can always rent yourself a Ferrari and enjoy breezing through the contemporary opulence of Dubai and other parts of UAE. It is a car that will make a statement of pure class whether it is for business or pleasure. Want to get the feel of this exquisite car? Why not hire a low-cost Ferrari 458 for rent from us? Our lease period depends on how long you want it. You can rent a Ferrari per hour, per day, monthly and so on. Renty’s Ferrari 458 Rental in Dubai is here to give you that wonderful sports car experience you have in your fantasies. Simply get in touch with us to book or inquire about a Ferrari 458 for hire today! And don't forget to take a look at other Ferrari beasts, among which there are Ferrari 488 for rent, Ferrari Portofino Rosso and even a powerful Ferrari GTC4 Lusso!

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