Черный Nissan Patrol, 2021

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Insurance Terms: • If the driver is found guilty in the accident, he/she will pay an amount of AED 5000 + 20% (amount vary depending on the car) of the value of repairs within the agency and in addition to the daily rental charges for the number of days the vehicle stays for repairs in the agency. • All insurance and damage claims will require a police report in order to be processed • Damage caused to our vehicle for which a third-party is not identified, for which a police report has not been produced or which results in the insurance claim being denied will be charged in accordance with the Renty Car Rental Damage Rate. Repairs done by third-party garages and mechanics and not done by Renty Car Rental will not be acceptable. • Note that tires, wheels, and rims damages are not included in the insurance coverage and the renter is responsible for the cost of repair or replacement. Read more

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Rental (1 day) AED 550.00
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Price for a1 day
AED 550
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