Car leasing in Abu Dhabi

If you are searching for long term car rental, car leasing is the best option. At Renty, we provide listings of the top car leasing deals in Abu Dhabi so you can obtain the perfect plan at the most affordable price. All our car leasing plans feature quality vehicles and professional service, plus numerous advantages over short term rental.

What is car leasing?

Car leasing is a form of long term car rental. While standard car rental often refers to rental on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, leasing usually involves at least one year’s tenure. Typically, the lease will be 1 to 3 years, depending on the plan selected. It is considered to be one of the most cost-effective methods to gain use of a vehicle.

In the cities of the UAE, car leasing is popular among many sections of society, from the business community and residents to flexible workers and high-net-worth individuals. If like many people, you do not wish to buy a car outright, leasing could be ideal. You just pay a simple monthly fee with no down-payment or loans.

When do you need car leasing?

The most common reason for car leasing is when you don’t wish to spend money on a new car. Committing to car ownership comes with its own financial challenges, especially if you have no existing car to part exchange. If you cannot commit to ownership, leasing provides flexibility, plus the option to buy at the end of the tenure.

It is also common for people to use car leasing to get a newer, more prestigious car. Spreading the cost over a period of months without having to make a deposit gives more scope to upgrade your motor. There is no need to put large amounts of cash upfront. You simply pay a set monthly fee until the end of the lease agreement.

Avoiding costly loans and finance deals is another reason to choose car leasing. The high interest rates of loans mean they work out poor value for money over the long term. The same applies to car financing deals. Many finance plans can cost you thousands over the long term. This is why leasing is highly popular in Abu Dhabi.

Reasons to lease a car in the UAE

More affordable than purchasing

Buying a new car outright is expensive and often requires a down-payment. This is why many people prefer car leasing. Simple month-to-month payments mean there are no surprise fees. You don’t need to place a deposit upfront and there are no high interest finance plans to deal with. Instead, you just pay the same fee every month until the end of the tenure. This makes it more affordable and easier to manage.

Get the most up-to-date cars

If you have no down-payment to make on a new car yet still want a modern motor, leasing is the perfect solution. It means you can gain a better car than you would otherwise be able to afford. Most car leasing providers have a wide range of cars, including luxury, mid-range, and economy models. No upfront costs and a flat monthly fee means that you can benefit from more prestigious car models.

Lease to own car

Leasing can be a good option to help with car ownership. It is possible to lease a vehicle and then purchase it at the end of the tenure. Most often, this forms part of a lease-purchase agreement. If you struggle to find a deposit to put towards a new car, or you want the freedom and flexibility that leasing brings, it can be well worth considering. Or you can simply upgrade to a newer model once the tenure is over.

Great for commercial purposes

If you run a business and require cars and vans, leasing means you can enjoy lower capital expenditure. This can be especially helpful if your company is a startup with limited amounts of cash. When your budget is tight, leasing can help your capital go further. Commercial car leasing is popular among Abu Dhabi’s business community, and for good reason. It’s a time-tested way to expand your business in the UAE.

Replacement car available

Many long term car lease providers provide a free replacement vehicle in the event your car breaks down or needs servicing. This is great news if you rely on your car to get to work or use it as part of your business. Although some insurance plans offer a replacement car, this requires additional expense. With car leasing, you will tend to find that replacement cars come as part of your monthly repayment plan.

No financing or expensive loans

Privately arranged loans often come with high interest rates and prove extremely expensive over the long term. One of the key selling points of monthly car lease plans is that you do not need to take out a loan or pay for car financing. All you pay is a set monthly fee until the agreement is finished. This means no huge upfront costs, no surprise loan management fees, and simpler financial management.

Car maintenance included

Most car leasing deals include car maintenance and servicing as part of the repayment plan. You can save money if your car has a fault by avoiding expensive repair shop fees. If you purchase a car outright, you will no doubt have to contend with servicing fees at least once a year. And if your car breaks down, it can be costly to repair. With maintenance included, car leasing is often the most sensible option.

How can Renty help you lease a car?

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