Chauffeur Service In Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and has a population of approximately 1.5 million. It is a major commerce and cultural center and attracts around 10 million visitors every year. As a large city with many zones and neighborhoods, traveling by car is the best way to get from place to place. And while it is possible to hire a car and drive to and from location, chauffeur services are by far the best way to travel. So whether visiting Abu Dhabi’s Marina Mall, the impressive Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, traveling to a party, or attending a business meeting, a personal driver is highly recommended.

A chauffeur service gives passengers a private car with a personal driver. The driver will have great knowledge of Abu Dhabi and the surrounding area. Having a professional chauffeur to pick up, drop off, and drive from place to place means there is no need to use busy public transport, or worry about parking and toll gates. It also means passengers arrive at their destination relaxed and on-time for their appointment. Business travelers in particular can benefit from chauffeur services, both for privacy and also to give the impression of success and wealth. People traveling to Abu Dhabi for recreation also find a private driver greatly beneficial. 

Overview of Renty’s chauffeur services

As a leading car rental platform, at Renty we are able to offer professional and reliable chauffeur services to both business and leisure travelers. With many years of experience in the industry, we can be trusted to provide a first-rate service that is unparalleled anywhere else in Abu Dhabi.

Having a limo car with a driver means that clients can relax while being transported to their destination. This includes travel to conferences, for shopping and sightseeing, business appointments, and even parties and social events. We strive to provide an affordable service and a wide range of vehicle types to choose from. Our customer service is friendly and flexible enough to respond to the demands of every client.

Advantages of Renty chauffeur services

One of the advantages of choosing Renty for chauffeur services is that we have a great track record of the hire car market and associated services, including rental cars with a driver. The limo service that we offer includes a personal driver that is reliable and trustworthy, ensuring clients get picked up and arrive at their destination on time and in great spirits. Our online platform is user-friendly and lets travelers pre-book a chauffeur service within minutes. Just find a car, select a date, and then we will supply a professional, fully vetted driver for the task.

We have access to a wide collection of vehicles from the world’s top car manufacturers, including BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Porsche, and more. Economy cars are also available for clients on a lower budget. The range of cars makes us the perfect choice for business travelers and also recreational visitors to Abu Dhabi. Our pricing is highly competitive and we provide flexible packages to suit different types of travelers. And as one of the foremost rental firms in the UAE, our customer service is second to none.

Benefits of a chauffeur service in Abu Dhabi

The benefits of using a chauffeur service in Abu Dhabi are numerous. For one thing, with a private driver, passengers can travel around the city with less stress and without the hassle of using busy public transport. There is also no need for the client to consider driving in what is often an unfamiliar city with busy traffic at peak time. And there is no need to worry about parking fines or toll road charges. 

A personal driver will pick up and drop off passengers to and from any convenient location in Abu Dhabi, including the airport, shopping malls, beaches, culture hotspots, and more. Having a knowledgeable driver with great experience of the area means that travelers can spend more time relaxing and enjoying all that Abu Dhabi has to offer. At Renty, we cater to both business travelers and social events. So groups of travelers who wish to attend parties can arrive and benefit from a safe ride back to their hotel or place of residence.

Limousine service

Booking a limousine service with a personal driver is the most luxurious and comfortable way to travel around Abu Dhabi. No matter what the occasion: a social event or party, a business meeting, entertaining clients, or otherwise, no other transport method provides the same satisfaction and convenience. Business clients benefit from privacy that enables them to conduct telephone calls and work while on the move. Passengers can travel to business meetings, conferences, and other appointments in style and luxury comfort.

For leisure users, having a personal chauffeur also means that travelers can experience Abu Dhabi’s great cultural sights without the need to hop on and off busy public transport. The city is renowned globally for its impressive visitor destinations, such as the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Saadiyat Island Beach Club, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, and countless malls and luxury hotels. Whether travelers wish to hire a private car with a driver for a full day, or on a monthly basis, we are able to provide cheap yet luxurious service for all types of visitors.

Contact us to book a chauffeur service

Please get in touch with us today to book a chauffeur service, or to find out more information about what we offer for business and leisure travelers. We can be contacted by telephone and e-mail. A representative will be in touch to answer any questions, or to finalize the booking. As always, we aim for 100% customer satisfaction with all our luxury chauffeur services.

Why should I hire a car with a driver in Abu Dhabi?

Hiring a car with a driver in Abu Dhabi comes highly recommended for both business and recreational travelers. Rather than driving around an unfamiliar city or relying on busy public transport, a professional chauffeur service with an experienced driver makes life so much easier. There are many reasons why visitors may wish to hire a private car with a driver. Business people often want to give a favorable first impression and showcase an image of success and wealth. Leisure travelers may wish to travel around Abu Dhabi by car without worrying about parking or toll gates. Whatever the reason, a chauffeur service from a company like Renty ensures passengers arrive to their destination on time, stress-free, and in great comfort.

What is the price of chauffeur services in Abu Dhabi?

Chauffeur and limo services in Abu Dhabi vary according to the length of the chauffeur service agreement, the type of car, the distance of travel, and if any other add-ons or personal services are included. The model of vehicle is a major factor in determining the overall price. High-end, luxury cars from the likes of Mercedes, Porsche, and Ferrari and invariably going to cost more than economy cars. Having said that, as one of the leading car rental and chauffeur services in the UAE, we are able to offer highly competitive prices. We can cater to the needs of all types of visitors, from business travelers wanting a luxury car, to holidaymakers who simply want an SUV to explore all the city has to offer.

What is included in the price?

At Renty, we include a number of services within the overall price. Besides getting a car with a driver, our limo packages include plenty of fuel for the amount of time and miles required, toll crossing charges, and also VAT. Chauffeur-driven cars are also fully insured to comply with local UAE laws and regulations. Besides these services being included in the price, we also provide a friendly, reliable service. Our customer representatives are available to answer any pricing queries or questions.

Where can I go in a car with a driver?

The possibilities are endless when travelers rent a car with chauffeur/driver at Renty. There are no real restrictions on where the private driver can travel. Clients can choose a single journey, a collection and drop off, or have the driver wait until they are ready. Business travelers often hire a professional chauffeur to pick them up at the airport. But a chauffeur can also deliver clients on time for business meetings, conferences, events, and more. Leisure users may enjoy visiting the numerous retail areas, malls, and cultural sights that Abu Dhabi has to offer. Regardless of the destination or occasion, a reliable driver will collect passengers on time, transport them to a location of their choice, and (if necessary), pick up afterwards.

Can I hire a car with a driver only for business or for parties/personal usage too?

Absolutely. Many individuals and groups like to hire a chauffeur service when visiting Abu Dhabi. Limo services are especially popular with social events and parties, where driving or public transport would be more hassle and problematic. The advantages of using a car with a driver for personal use are many: comfort, privacy and security, door to door collection and drop offs, and great value for money. Nothing really beats traveling by limo when visiting Abu Dhabi.