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Car Rental in Abu Dhabi Airport

  • Golf R - 2019 preview
    • Parking sensors
    • Cruise control
    • Bluetooth
    • Abu-Dhabi
    • Deposit: $ 1,365
    • 250 km/day or 5000 km/month
    • Available for rent
    1 day
    $ 137
    + VAT Tax $ 7
    Weekly $ 764
    Monthly $ 2,457
  • Hyundai Elantra - 2017 preview
    • Parking sensors
    • Cruise control
    • Bluetooth
    • Abu-Dhabi
    • Deposit: $ 410
    • 250 km/day or 3000 km/month
    • Available for rent
    1 day
    $ 25
    + VAT Tax $ 1
    Weekly $ 172
    Monthly $ 464
  • Hyundai Santa Fe - 2019 preview
    • Parking sensors
    • Cruise control
    • Bluetooth
    • Abu-Dhabi
    • Deposit: $ 410
    • 250 km/day or 4000 km/month
    • Available for rent
    1 day
    $ 68
    + VAT Tax $ 3
    Weekly $ 410
    Monthly $ 1,092

Abu Dhabi airport car rental

When leaving or visiting a busy airport, you need a ride that can take you anywhere anytime. Abu Dhabi international airport being the second largest airport in the United Arab Emirates certainly fits the billing. The airport is home to the city known for oil exports and commerce. With your rented car, you can enjoy the luxurious shopping malls, eateries and attraction sites in Abu Dhabi and even do business! Renty is all about renting experiences using cars in Abu Dhabi and other places in the UAE. In this regard, we have compiled a simple guide that will take you through what you need to know about car rental in Abu Dhabi Airport.

FAQ about car hire in Abu Dhabi airport

FAQ about Car Rental in Abu Dhabi Airport

What types of cars are available and highly recommended in Abu Dhabi?

We have various types of cars available for rent. Our carefully selected fleet includes prestige cars luxury cars, sports cars, business cars, economy and so much more. If you want an utmost treat then you can browse through our luxury, prestige and exotic category to find your desired car. We have models like Tesla Model X P100D, Lamborghini Aventador, Bentley Continental GTC, and Maserati Gran Cabrio, Range Rover Sport SVR, Ferrari 488 GTB, Chevrolet Camaro convertible, etc.

Sports lovers also have lots to choose from. We have a good collection that includes Ferrari 488GTB, Chevrolet Camaro coupe, Audi R8 spider, Ferrari 488 GTB, Range rover sport Autobiography, Ford Mustang, etc. If you want something bigger with better space, you can try our collection of SUVs for rent in Abu Dhabi Airport. We feature top SUVs like the Range rover sport HSE, GMC terrain, Nissan Murano, Infiniti JX series, BMW X5, Cadillac Escalade Platinum and so much more.

Want to hire a car on a budget? Don’t worry, we have got you covered as well. With our economy cars, you get value for money and still get a nice car for rent in Abu Dhabi. Our top models in this category include Mercedes CLA 200, Nissan Sunny Mercedes E400 Cabriolet, BMW 4 series, Volkswagen Beetle, Honda CRV, Volvo V70 and so much more. For these and other cars including Vans and supercars, please check our website and take your pick!

What age do you have to be to drive a car at Abu Dhabi airport?

The minimum age requirement for most of our car rental is 21years. It is slightly different for our luxury and exotic cars because of some of the partners offering the car will require that you are at least 24 years to rent. Contact us for clarifications and further assistance on the age policies for the car you would like to rent

Is insurance required to rent a car at Abu Dhabi airport?

Insurance is not required but recommended to rent a car in Abu Dhabi. Our cars come with a standard cover that covers basic insurable risks. If you need to be covered on other risks not insured on the standard cover, you can purchase additional insurance from us at an extra charge.

What are the fuel policies?

Fuel policies are distinct for each car and indicated in your contract for the car you want to rent. However, for most cars, we operate a full to full tank policy. It means we will give you the car with a full tank and expect it back with the same amount of fuel. Please note we expect our clients to stick to the policy, given any deviations might attract an additional charge.

What are the car wash policies?

We value customer satisfaction and for that reason, we ensure we provide clean cars during pick-up. We will also expect clean cars from our esteemed customers when they return it back. Please note that dirty cars will attract additional charges.

Where do I get the car and how should I return it?

Our clients are expected to pick-up and return the car at our parking lot. Arrangements for delivery and pick up can be done at a fee but luxury clients will get free pick and delivery at a destination of their choice.

What you should check to rent a car safely?

Although we conduct safety checks, cross-checking ensures you are not liable for any damages not caused by you. Before take-off, there are certain things that you should check to ensure you have a safe ride: - Ensure that you have a lug wrench, the headlight, and a spare tire.

  • Check that the navigation system and the car controls are working well
  • Ensure there are no visible scratches or dents on the car
  • Check that the mirrors and window controls are in good condition. In case of any issues spotted, notify us and we will be glad to assist.

Places of interest in Abu Dhabi.

From the airport, you can access Abu Dhabi and enjoy the ever amazing UAE capital. Places to visit include Yas Island, Emirates palace palatial private marina hotel, the iconic Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Yas carina circuit, Saadiyat public beach, AL Lulu Island, Mushrif mall, Dalma mall, Qasr al-Hosn, Heritage village, Desert camp, Marina eye, Ferrari World, Warner Bros world. Etc. Rent your car at Abu Dhabi Airport now! Renty is your one-stop destination for all your car rental needs. We not only guarantee affordable prices but great cars to pick from plus excellent services to ensure you enjoy your rental. Contact us or visit our offices to rent a car in Abu Dhabi Airport, today!

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