Terms & conditions

ABSOLUTE RENT A CAR DMCC, here  after called “Owner “ rents the vehicle that is mentioned overleaf to the “Hirer” and is subject to the terms  and conditioned mentioned overleaf and below

  1. Hirer acknowledges with signature that the terms and conditions mentioned above and overleaf are agreed and other standard terms and conditions are acceptable.

2 .Minimum age of the driver -21 years.

  1. To pay all dues without prior demand, in advance or as agreed at the time of making the agreement.
  2. Monthly or yearly rental shall be payable in advance at the beginning of each Quarter (or Monthly as agreed in writing)by the Hirer at the time of signing the Agreement .In case of delay beyond 7 days ,Owner is the right to remotely shut down the car engine.
  3. Driver on Resident status must have a valid driving license acceptable to the UAE authorities that is 1 year old.
  4. Driver on Visitor /Tourist status must have an International Driving License that is 1 year old.
  5. Not to take the vehicle outside UAE territories.

Vehicles are for paved road use only. Not to use the vehicle for hire, rallying, racing, driving through pool of water, insurance does not cover for any damages or losses in case the vehicle is used for these activities.

  1. Only name of drivers mentioned in the agreement are allowed to drive the vehicle.

 10.Not to sub-let or give possession of the vehicle to third party and use the vehicle for illegal ,criminal or for any purpose other than for those the vehicle is intended for .insurance is not covered in case the vehicle is used for these activities

  1. In the event of any accident or damage, the Hirer should not remove the vehicle without informing the police and obtaining a police report.
  2. Inform the owner immediately in case of an accident and get a police report acceptance to the insurance company to handle the insurance claim.
  3. Due to the fact that insurance policy does not cover acts of sabotage ,terrorism ,flood ,storm ,hurricane, volcanic eruption ,earth quake or other convulsions of nature, invasion act of foreign enemies , hostilities or warlike operations whether war be declared or not civil war, strike, riot, civil commotion mutiny, rebellion ,revolution insurrection military or usurped power, confiscation or nationalization . Reckless and drunken driving (under the influence of alcohol and any other substance) Hirer agrees to pay damages resulting vehicle in case of the above.
  4. The Hirer shall pay AED 1500 if an accident is due to the fault of driver (Excess Insurance Charge) if, for any reason, it is not possible to obtain a police report to make an insurance claim, the hirer will pay for all the costs of repairing the vehicle, damage to third parties ,including but not will pay the cost of transporting a vehicle crash at a workshop or appropriate police court in the emirate ,and then in the studio.
  5. Hirer can purchase CDW insurance from Owner, 30 AED/day, 150 AED/week, and 400 AED/month.
  6. Hirer accept all liabilities and pay all fines and other related expenses incurred due to violation of traffic, municipality and local laws.
  7. Hirer is obliged to monitor the alarm indicators of the car (oil level, engine temperature status etc.)and tire pressure .In the event of vehicle damage due to lack of reaction to alarm indicators, the Hirer will be liable to pay the cost of repairing the vehicle in full amount .In this case ,full insurance does not cover the cost of repairs.
  8. Traffic fines and salik deposit of AED 2500 (AED 3500 for Luxury cars) or 1 month rental will be kept as deposit for 30 days from the date of return.

19.2000 AED cash deposit for regular client and for minimum 3 weeks rent client.

  1. 2000 AED should blocked card deposit for less than 3 weeks rent.

21 .Bank charges for the return of deposit refund to be shouldered by the client.

  1. No refund policy if return earlier.
  2. Owner will charge additional 10% for the repair of vehicle if client fault.
  3. Strictly 7 days policy for payment from invoice date for monthly clients –failure to do so is subject for disconnection.
  4. Owner will charge 10%service charges for all traffic fines.

26 .Owner will charge 5 AED for per pass salik gate.

  1. Owner will charge 750 AED for each body damage or scratch on the paint the car as well as car wheels emerged as a result of careless and improper use of the vehicle.
  2. Owner will charge AED 750fine in Hirer or passengers smoke inside the car.
  3. To compensate the owner in case the hirer violates the terms and condition s of the agreement and causes damage, loss or theft of the vehicle or part of it due to any reason, irrespective of his or drivers fault ,pay, the amount of all resulting loss and expenses of the owner (including but not limited to replacement or recovery costs ,repair cost ,compensation for reduction in value ,fines etc. and all loss of revenue).
  4. Not to repair the vehicle by any unauthorized person.
  5. Renter is not responsible for the items left in the car by the client when returning the car at the end of the lease or during the car on service or repair.
  6. To monitor and bring the vehicle for service and maintenance and registration with prior appointment. To bring the vehicle for routine service repair within the service due km’s and for renewal or registration including the replacement vehicle will be to the account of the Hirer.

33 .To ensure all fluid levels (oil, water, fluids etc.) and type pressures are maintained to the levels specified and accept financial liability for any damage from use of the vehicle below the specified required levels.

  1. Delivery charges AED 100 within Dubai, AED 150 for Sharjah and AED 250 for other Emirates.
  2. AED 300 for shampooing in case the vehicle interior is returned dirty or with cigarette smoke.
  3. To return the vehicle in overall good condition, without apparent defects /damages and with all documents and accessories to the Owners location on a date designated in this agreement.
  4. Return the Vehicle with full tank fuel or pray 1.5 times the actual fuel cost.
  5. Owner shall have the option to terminate the contract, take possession of the vehicle and charge early termination fees in case the Hirer misuses the vehicle for illegal or criminal activities, makes frequent accident (2 or more), frequent traffic fines, not pay the rental charges or any other amount due to the owner beyond 7 days from the due date.
  6. Monthly mileage limit-5000 kilometers per vehicle Mileage, which exceeds this limit Hirer agrees to pays an additional rate of 0.3dirhams (30 fills) per kilometer.
  7. Owner will provided a replacement vehicle only during maintenance and service of the leased vehicle
























































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