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Bahrain is located in the Persian Gulf with a bridge connection to nearby Saudi Arabia. Although widely known for the Bahrain Grand Prix, the country has much more to offer, including stunning beaches and clear blue seas, cultural attractions, and many opportunities for recreation and fun. Perhaps the best way to experience Bahrain is by car. Renting a car in Bahrain is relatively inexpensive and very worthwhile. Below, we provide some tips for anyone looking to rent a car in Bahrain.


What are the popular cars to rent in Bahrain?

People visit Bahrain for numerous reasons and at Renty, we have many cars available to suit different budgets and requirements. This includes economy cars, SUVs, mid-range sedans, sports cars, supercars, and even multi-seat vans. Our range is geared towards both business and recreational visitors to the country.

Luxury cars are a popular choice for anyone wanting great comfort, a smooth drive, and a successful image. Business travelers in particular like to rent luxury cars because they have an appeal for visiting clients and attending meetings. But virtually anyone can enjoy the luxury refinement of brands like Mercedes, Audi, and Bentley.

SUVs are another popular choice and offer the perfect mixture of interior space, practicality, modern technology, and performance. Families enjoy SUVs because they often seat up to five passengers and have plenty of space for shopping. Examples include the GMC Yukon, Range Rover Sport, and Lamborghini Urus.

We also feature a superb range of sports cars and high-end supercars from brands like Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and McLaren. Cars like the Porsche Boxster provide great fun and excitement for driving in Bahrain. But various supercars like the Lamborghini Aventador and Ferrari Portofino are also available.

For visitors to Bahrain who need to transport larger groups of passengers, our multi-seat vans are highly recommended. They can seat up to eight people in complete comfort and safety. The Mercedes VITO is a popular choice, but we also have the Mercedes V Class, KIA Carnival, and Hyundai H1 available.


What age do you need to be to rent a car in Bahrain?

The minimum age to rent a car in Bahrain is 21. Foreign visitors to the country must hold an international driving license and a suitable home country driving license. They must have also held a clean driving license for at least 2 years. Some rental companies may limit certain car types to 24 years and above. This is often the case if a person wishes to rent a supercar or an expensive prestige motor.


Do you need insurance to rent a car?

Car insurance is a legal requirement in Bahrain. The minimum requirement is third party insurance, which provides cover in the event another person damages the car. But this basic insurance is limited in scope. We always recommend renters take out fully comprehensive cover, which provides greater protection. All our hire cars come with basic insurance within the rental agreement. But clients can upgrade to fully comprehensive insurance for an additional fee. Alongside car insurance, we also recommend visitors invest in comprehensive health and travel insurance.


What are your policies concerning the use of fuel?

Most of our rental company partners deliver cars with a full tank of fuel. It is the responsibility of the customer to keep the tank topped up with fuel. Damage to the engine or the arrangement of breakdown recovery due to a lack of fuel may incur additional charges. This is why it is important to ensure adequate fuel at all times. We ask all clients to return the car with the same amount of fuel as was in the tank upon delivery. We are happy to provide full details upon request.


What is the delivery and return process?

We aim to make delivery and returns as smooth and hassle-free as possible. In most cases, we can drop-off the car at a nearby parking lot or other convenient space. After the rental agreement has ended, the car can be returned to the same location. Some customers take advantage of our door-to-door delivery service, where we drive the car to a particular destination, such as the airport, a hotel, or private residence. This deluxe service is very popular and can be accessed for an additional fee.


What are the cleaning and upkeep policies?

All the cars featured on Renty are delivered in excellent condition. Our partners ensure the professional upkeep of vehicles, including regular valeting of the interior and exterior paintwork. We advise clients to try their best to keep the car clean and tidy at all times. Our customer service team is always on hand to answer any questions about car cleaning and upkeep practices.


Key points for safe car rental in Bahrain

As a premier car rental company in Bahrain, at Renty we make safety our number one concern. All vehicles undergo regular testing, servicing, and maintenance. That said, it is also important for clients to play their part. Customers can help to keep themselves and other road users safe by becoming familiar with the controls before driving and avoiding speeding. It is also useful to check that a spare tire is available, along with accompanying repair and maintenance tools before journeys.


Top destinations to visit in Bahrain

Bahrain is a country full of contrasts and there are many activities and experiences for all types of travelers. Al Dar Islands are a great location for water sports, relaxing, boating, fishing, and dolphin watching. Or visit Dive Bahrain, the world’s biggest underwater theme park. People seeking culture should head to the UNESCO world heritage site of Dilmun Burial Mounds. Walking enthusiasts will enjoy the Dohat Lagoon trail at Dohat Arad Park, the longest purpose-built walking area in the country. But there are many, many more recreational activities available to try!


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