Terms and Condition:

1. The Tenant is obliged to pay the guarantee of the offenses……… when the vehicle is returned. 2. I promise to pay the traffic violations, and if I fail, the office is entitled open a communication in the police. 3. I pledge to pay the amount of (5000) dirhams + 30% of the value of repair in the event of an accident. 4. I pledge to pay 30% of the value of the car in case of cancellation of the insurance. 5. I promise to pay the car stop if you are waiting and hurt in the accident of technical failure as a result of my negligence. 6. The office may withdraw the car at any time without recourse to the lessee and the office is not liable for the existence of any physical purpose in the car. 7. Salik charges AED 5 for each passing time. 8. The tenant shall be liable for the offenses of the concealer.
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