Terms & Conditions

1. YOUR AGREEMENT WITH US A. Your signature on the form overleaf. i. Is your acceptance of the terms set out below and on that form; and ii. Creates a legally binding Agreement between you and us. B. The terms of that Agreement include the information on the form overleaf and the provision set out in it. C. Any additions or changes must be in writing and signed on our behalf and by you. 2. YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES WHILE YOU HAVE THE VEHICLE A. Apart from fair wear and tear you will pay the cost of any loss of or damage caused to the Vehicle regardless of fault during the rental and you will also pay for any loss of rental income while the vehicle the vehicle is being repaired. Our loss of rental income will be the usual rental charge for the Vehicle until the repair are completed or until settlement is reached and payment received, if the vehicle is lost or beyond economic repair. B. You will be responsible for any repairs done by you without taking prior permission from us. C. You will not allow the vehicle to be operated or used by anyone who has not been authorized us. D. You will not use or drive the vehicle for any unlawful purpose nor whilst you are intoxicated or under the influence of any substance of any substance which impairs driving ability. E. You will tell us the whereabouts of the vehicle if we ask you. You will not take the vehicle outside UAE. F. You will not sell, rent or dispose of the vehicle in any way nor represent that you are the owner of the vehicle or our agent. You will not remove or change any name or other mark identifying ownership of the vehicle nor use the vehicle to carry people or property for hire or reward. G. You will or reimburse us for any salik, fine or penalties imposed as a result of the use of the vehicle and reimburse us any reasonable administration costs of responding to the police or other authorities regarding those fines or penalties. 3. YOUR RESPONSIBILITY FOR RETURNING THE VEHICLE A. If you fail to return the vehicle to the Agreed Return Location, you will pay for the cost. B. You must not sub – let the car to anyone during the rental period. 4. INSURANCE AND WAIVERS A. By law you must be insured for Third Party Liability for death, bodily injury and property damage while you are renting the vehicle. You will automatically be insured for those risk (with unlimited cover as required by statute) under the policy held by us (subject to the Terms and Conditions of the Policy). B. Insurance will only applicable if you or any authorize driver is above 21 years old and has driver license which is more than one year old. Renters own insurance. C. If the vehicle is damaged, we reserve the right to claim full rental charges applicable to the vehicle until the repairs have been completed, or settlement is received in the event of the vehicle being beyond economic repair. D. Incase of total loss due to accident, you will be responsible to pay 20% of the value of the vehicle in cash in addition to rent and liability of the vehicle till the full payment is settled. Collision Damage Waiver (“CDW”) E. Please note that Collision Damage Waiver will not relieve you of your liability in respect of damage to the vehicle. F. If the vehicle id a commercial vehicle and damage is caused by it sinking an overhead obstruction. G. If you or any authorized Additional Driver were driving dangerously or using the vehicle whilst unfit through drink or drugs or with a blood alcohol level in excess of that permitted by law. 5. PAYMENT A. We are required you to pay a deposit before taking the vehicle. We may use that deposit later to settle any sum due from you. B. At the end of the rental you will us the total rental and other sums including insurance Premiums making up the sum shown as due on the from overleaf. Please note: ii. Renter charges based on mileage will be based on the mileometer fitted to the vehicle. It will be read and recorded at the beginning and at the end of the rental of the rental period. If we think there has been a malfunction, we make a reasonable estimate of mileage. iii. If the Renter’s name overleaf has been incorrectly given the person signing overleaf will be treated as renter and will be liable as such under this Agreement. iv. You authorize us to process all amount due to us under this Agreement on your credit card the details of which are set out overleaf (including refueling changes and any other sum which you will be liable to pay to under this Agreement. 6. FUELLING CHARGES: A. You must return the vehicle with no less fuel than when the rental period began, if you do not do so you must pay: You will be liable as if you were the owner of the vehicle for: a. Any fixed penalty offence committed in respect of the vehicle under the Traffic Act during the rental period; and b. Any access parking charge incurred in respect of the vehicle during the period. B. In this Agreement: “You” are the Renter name overleaf. If you are the Driver and not the same person then; i. You remain responsible for any breach of this Agreement by the Driver. ii. The driver is also responsible for complying with this Agreement as if he were you. “Drive” is the person whose name appears overleaf as the Driver and any Additional Driver named. 7. RELEVANT LAW The law of the country where you sign this Agreement by the Driver and any court proceedings in relating to it shall be conducted in that country.
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