Terms & conditions

The Rental Agreement is made between Bravo Inv Rent a car LLC (herein referred to as “the Renter” ) and the person and /or company (herein referred to as “the Hirer”).

The Renter will let, and the hirer will take the vehicle (herein referred to as “the vehicle”), for the term of hire as described in this Rental Agreement.

The vehicle may be driven during the term of hire only by the persons named on the hirer details, and only if they hold a current all UAE valid driver’s license appropriate for the vehicle while they are using the vehicle.

In addition to the payment specified above, the Hirer acknowledges that they shall be liable at the end of the hire term to pay to the renter any applicable additional charges payable.

Date and Signature of hirer in acknowledgement and agreement with terms of the Rental Agreement and its Annexures.

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