Terms & Conditions

Rental Rates and charges: Minimum rental period is 24 hours. Cars are due to returned at the same time, with 2 hours grace time, beyond which an extra day will be charged. Terms of Payment: Avenue prefers credit card payments for all car hires. A credit card block of amount Dhs 1500 to 5,000 as security for insurance excess as well as any traffic fines will be taken for standard and luxury cars. In case of Sports & Exotic cars, Dhs 10,000 will be blocked. Cross border policy - Not allowed without prior arrangement and additional security measueres Insurance: Avenue provides Comprehensive Insurance coverage for all car rentals including third party liability. In other words, if accident or damage is caused by third party and the police accident report is green, in that case, there will not be ANY liability or charge. In all other cases of accident or damage, the minimum non-waiverable insurance excess will be charged to the hirer depending on type and value of cars. In case of Sports and exotic Cars, the excess is Dhs10,000. In all cases, a valid police accident report must be submitted for every damage, if not, hirer undertakes to pay the full cost of damage. Damages to windshield, tires/rims and undercarriage are not covered by the insurance company, hence hirer is responsible for the same. Accidents: In case of accidents, Police must be notified immediately – hirers must call 999 for this purpose. As per UAE Laws & Regulations, the drivers are not allowed to move the cars, unless a Police Accident Report is obtained. Restrictions: Cars are to be driven within UAE territory. Circuit, Autodrome and driving off-road are NOT COVERED BY THE INSURANCE. The full cost of damages is borne by the hirer at all times. Furthermore, hirer is fully responsible for loss of hire if there is contravention of this term which will be charged @ daily rate. Penalty for Traffic Offense and/ or any other fines imposed for violating traffic regulations and other laws during the rental period will be charged with a 10% service charge per Traffic Offense. Vehicle Replacement: AVENUE provides 24 hours replacement facility in case of any accident or breakdown, however, replacement car may not be identical, but will be in similar category, to the extent possible. Prices include full service and maintenance. Damages and excessive wear and tear of tyres and brakes are not covered in the maintenance. The hirer undertakes to settle the replacement cost as per dealer’s estimate to be provided. Driving License: Hirers must possess a locally accepted driving license, with a minimum of 1 year driving experience. In cases where hirer is on visit visa, he/she must hold a valid international driving license. National licenses are acceptable for GCC Nationals/ residents as well in cases where the hirer has the passport from a country whose nationals are allowed entry permit upon arrival. In all cases of UAE residents, hirer must have UAE driving license. Driver Documentation – We would need colored copies of passport, driving license and credit card of the person driving the car. Maximum free mileage is 300 km/day, excess mileage consumption will be charged based on type of cars. In case of Sports & Exotic cars, maximum mileage allowed is 250 km/ excess km @ Dhs20 will be charged. Payment types accepted - via Visa/Amex/MasterCard Fuel charges – based on actual consumption. SALIK – will be [email protected] Dhs 5 per passing Rental locations and delivery/ pick up - Avenue Representative will wait in the Exit of a Airport area with a paging board, guest will also be contacted on the cell phone. We Provide free of charge delivery across Dubai, for all other Emirates will be charge 250 AED for standard and luxury cars, and 400 AED for exotic and sport cars. Additional Equipment Cost – free Child Seat, Navigation System (GPS), Additional Driver
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