Terms & conditions


  1. The hirer acknowledges that the vehicle was delivered and handover in good condition.
  2. The hirer agrees to take good care and use the vehicle properly.
  3. The hirer understands that the vehicle is for use with in United Arab ONLY and cannot be taken to the borders of the neighboring countries or in dangerous areas like mountains, racing areas, desert areas and in prohibited areas.
  4. What you take what you return policy apply on fuel/petrol. We do not refund fuel cost in case car was taken with low fuel and was returned with full fuel. Charges depend on the car type starting to 50AED – 250AED.
  5. The hirer must adhere/ obey if car needs an immediate oil change or any other service. Hirer may come to the office or staff can pick up the car and return it once service is done .Any repairs/service done by the hirer without the company’s approval shall not be honored and refunded and charges apply in an changes or damages done during the repair/service.
  6. If accident happens while hirer is under the influence of alcohol. He will be responsible of all the damages occurred including cancellation as well as the rental charges during the period of repairing.
  7. Hirer will be responsible to pay the full amount of the repairs as well as the daily rental of the vehicle if it is stopped because of damage or loss caused by his carelessness or negligence.
  8. If the hirer is the one responsible for the accident, he will have to pay the excess insurance stated in the contract depends on the car type starting to 2,500AED- 25,000AED+10% of the repair amount and spare parts as well as the daily rent until repair is completed.
  9. If the accident is not the hirer fault, he must holds valid Accident Police report and will only pay the daily rent while the car is under repair since the fixing costs are covered by the insurance.
  10. In case of complete loss(no longer capable of being repaired),both parties have agreed that hirer is responsible to pay 30% of the vehicle price if it was bought 1 months ago and 20% if older.
  11. Hirer must always make sure that the vehicle is parked in a safe place and not prone to any danger. If vehicle is damaged because of these circumstances, he will be responsible to pay full amount of repairs.
  12. Hirer will be responsible for any complaint regarding the vehicle from official authorities that occurred within the hire period.
  13. Hirer will be solely responsible if the vehicle was used for transportation of forbidden or illegal items as per UAE law. If caught, hire will bear the full amount of the contract or fine until settlement is done between the hirer and the renter .
  14. Hirer is not allowed to use the vehicle to pull another and hirer must not participate in any car races .If anything happens with the vehicle, hirer will bear full responsibility.
  15. Hirer pledges that the drivers are licensed to drive in the UAE and he will be responsible for the consequences if the law is violated. Hirer is not allowed to let someone else drive the vehicle unless contract has second driver/additional driver as per stated in contract .If anything happens, hirer will be responsible for damage fee or any charges occurred.
  16. Driving License must be at least 6 months old .Otherwise ,hirer understands that incase of any accident, he will pay 30% of the repair amount and spare parts as well as the daily rent until repair is completed.
  17. Hirer is allowed to have not more than 200 Km per day for all the types of car .Excess/charges will cost starting to2 AED for economy /5 AED for medium/10-25AED for super cars depending on the car type stated in the contract.
  18. The hirer shall pay the full rental fee + 5% VAT as per UAE Law, pay the value of the traffic fine violation +20 processing fee +30 intelligence fee if any, pay value of the salik / Toll Gate 5 AED per pass and other charges during the rental period.
  19. Hirer agrees to give any document especially passport as a guarantee for fine/s and to be release at the end of the rental period if balances are cleared.
  20. In case of attempting to repair the car by the hirer in agency without informing Rotana Star, fine of 20,000AED will be paid by the hirer to the company.
  21. Hirer agrees that balance must be cleared on the return date and if not contract will not be close and charges will apply until dues are made.
  22. If car have any scratch or damage in the car, hirer must have a valid police report and agrees to pay full amount of repairs.
  23. In case of over speeding above 160km, the company is entitled to give fine to the hirer of 2000AED and if more than 200km, the fine will be 5000AED.
  24. One day hire means 24 hours and any extra time will be calculated one day rent.
  25. Payment for rent and other charges taken before and on the rental day is NON-REFUNDABLE except for deposit.
  26. Incase accident and there is no second party, hirer is responsible to pay all the damages incurred during the lease period.
  27. Hirer agrees that car must be clean inside and outside if not charges will be 250 AED minimum – 500AED.
  28. Hirer agrees that the security deposit is to be returned after21 working days if CASH and if prea uth is done then it will be 14 days s this serves as a guarantee in case of traffic fines.
  29. In case of any penalty charge or damage to the car or remaining balance rom the contract , hirer authorize Rotana Star to take the payment from the authorize credit card given.
  30. Rotana Star will not be held responsible for any cash or valuable belonging left or lost inside the vehicle after the return date.


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