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Ahmed El Maghraby

Great variety of luxury and sports vehicles in top shape and the service is the best you can get in Dubai! Definitely recommendable for short as well as long term rentals. They also offer organized tours within the UAE and Oman.

03.06.2020 11:55

Baltasar Lodillinsky

Very convenient location by Dubai Airport ??

27.05.2020 11:54

Jürgen Kraus

I drove a Porsche Boxster on the road to Abu Dhabi. It was simply fantastic and I can recommend it to everyone.

25.11.2019 04:47

Sher Baas

McLaren 650S was outstanding! E and S is my fav company for luxury car rental in Dubai.

15.03.2017 05:15

Kamran Mustafa

horrible.. (reply) yes I never rented car from you guys but your renting process is nothing but scam for example I called them they give me one price on phone but when I told them to send me email confirmation they changed the price. Then on phone they mention the deposit for the car is 5000Aed but in email they mention you could charge up 10,000Aed . I called for explanation they said Incase if the car didn’t fix on time or something else they have right to charge me up to 10,000 Aed . And froward me 20 pages agreement. (just to give others customers better understanding 10,000aed is not only deposit it’s deductible) Incase of accident . My argument to E and S is why your customer have to pay additional 5000aed if you couldn’t get your car fixed on time . And the agreement that you guys send me is nothing but if’s and buts .. I rent car all the time from Dubai or even in USA nobody sets 2 different kinds deductible for same rental either it’s 5000Aed or 10,000Aed . Be upfront why confuse the customer? And your Dubai office is rude to . Need better training.

26.07.2019 06:16

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