Terms & conditions

1. Deposit Refundable after 22 working days. 2. The damage claim if the driver is less than 25 years old and/ or if driving license is less than one year old. 3. Millage per day is 250KM, Weekly millage 1500 KM and monthly 6000KM, extra millage charged 20AED Per KM. 4. Salik will be charged 5AED per salik toll crossing. 5. Less Fuel will be charged 150AED. 6. Smoking is not allowed in the car in case of violation charges will be 500AED. 7. Each Black point 300AED will be charged. 8. Rental Amount not refundable. 9. All fin incurred by the hirer are his/her liability we be charged 50AED Administration fee. 10. In case vehicle is impounded Black point by the authorities for any violation of the law the customer will be liable compensate smile rent a car for both the impounding charges and loss of rented.
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