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Mohammed hanifa Hanifa

Excellent amazing customer service 24/7,365 days.

12.02.2019 12:33

Rohit Rao

Amazing range of cars and very professional staff. They have always been top of their game. Professional drivers. I would very highly recommend.

10.09.2020 06:12

Anand Santhosh

Exquisite chauffeur service, with a fine range of automobile selection. Suitable for people with various price ranges. Luxury and standard available in substantial amount. Satisfied by the complete approach!!!

11.09.2020 11:05

Rosemary Potato

Trusted and very accommodating. Quick service and flexible. Special mention to Dyan who assisted me. Very good personality and truly an asset to the team. Will definitely contact you in the future.

10.09.2020 03:34

Paul Kong

I found Avenue Car Rentals staff very friendly and helpful. I had a very good car rental experience and would recommend this company to others.

10.09.2020 05:56

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