Tesla Model X for rent in Dubai

The Model X from Tesla is a 100% electric, sleek, seven-seat SUV. This electric car has an impressive driving range of approximately 450 km, making it ideal for anyone wanting an eco-friendly motor that can meet the demands of the modern motorist.

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The speed is impressive, too, with the Tesla Model X achieving 0 to 100 km/h in around 3.0 seconds. The low center of gravity on the car also gives the Tesla Model X excellent handling, while the interior is spacious enough for business or pleasure. As an all-electric car with high performance and style, the Tesla Model X is the ideal eco-friendly car for seeing all that Dubai and the UAE has to offer. The Model X is ideal for traveling with the family, or even as a car for business, thanks to its intuitive design and elegant exterior. No matter what the occasion, be it for touring around the Emirates, visiting Dubai’s luxury hotel complexes, or driving to a business meeting, the Tesla Model X delivers a quiet, comfortable, and speedy ride. When considering Tesla Model X rental in Dubai, at Renty, we provide cheap hire prices and top-notch service as standard. One of our founding principles is to offer the best experience with good value for money. Therefore, we continually update our extensive collection of vehicles to accommodate the latest models. We also own our entire fleet, enabling us to offer the best possible price. The process to obtain a Tesla Model X for rent is as follows: first of all, sift through the Renty website to find a luxury car, then contact us either by telephone or by using our website inquiry form. We will then get back in touch to provide extra details and to complete the rental. For delivery, we can either drive the car to any nearby address or we can arrange collection at our Dubai showroom shortly after payment.

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