Rental Details

1. If the driver is found guilty in incidence he/she will pay and amount of AED ......... +........... % (amount vary depending on the car) of the value of repairs within the agency and in addition to the daily rental charges for the number of days the vehicle stays for repairs in the agency. 2. Driving beyond speed limit (155km) is not allowed, if you exceed the speed limit we will issue you a warning on your first attempt, then we will charge you 2000 AED on your second attempt, on your third attempt we will terminate the contract, shut down the car, and the rent will not be refunded. 3. Driving the car in the desert, race tracks or in Jabel Jais mountain Ras El Khaimah is not allowed, if found guilty we will charge you 20,000.00 AED plus the damages and mechanical failures costs. 4. If the customer returned the car before the end of the rental period, no refunds will be given. 5. If the car was scratched, there will be a minimum of 1,000.00 AED per scratched body part. 6. In case of an accident, and it's the customer fault or not, the car will be taken from the customer and no refund for the remaining paid days will be given. 7. In case the customer makes a fine outside Dubai, we will charge the customer a fee of 1,000.00 AED for laber charges to pay this fine, in case it's not payable online. 8. To be fully protected in case of an accident, you may buy an additional CDW insurance which will cover any damages/scratches but only if you provide a police report.
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